Tuesday, August 08, 2017

'Disney's 'Doc McStuffins' spotlights same-sex family' & other Tue midday news briefs

Disney’s ‘Doc McStuffins’ Sends A Great Message With A Two-Mom Family - This is wonderful because of the visibility it gives to same-sex families. Children in same-sex families should see that there is nothing to be ashamed of with their families and parents. 

“Texas Impact Launches PSA Campaign Featuring Faith Leaders Speaking Out Against Bathroom Bills”- Regardless of what happens in Texas (and I'm hoping for a win), faith leaders standing loudly against transphobia and homophobia is a trend which needs to continue and grow. 

Florida Man Killed After Standing Up For Gay Friends, Witnesses Say - I hate posting about things like this but it;s necessary for so many reasons. May people remember this brave man.

Gender Variance Around the World Over Time - The more you know.

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