Wednesday, November 02, 2011

'NOM's latest victim is another fraud' and other Wednesday midday news briefs

Archbishop Dolan Wields Victim Card: Church Should Not Be Criticized For Opposing LGBT Equality - The smallest violin in the world is playing for them.

NOM's latest 'Anti-Defamation' star: Previously Focus on the Family's star, for completely other 'issue' - NOM's latest "victim of the supposed gay menace" is a fraud. Surprise, surprise.

Dan Savage Gets Glitterbombed By Trans Activist During MTV Taping - Sorry but this glittering thing has become stupid. Has become? It was dumb from the beginning. It devotes lots of undeserved attention to frivolous shit. Furthermore it trivializes the lgbtq equality movement as a bunch of kooks doing anything to gain attention.
Stop SB 48 campaign: “We’re working on an initiative” - For Pete's sake, guys . . .

CWA: Same-Sex Parents Use Children As "Guinea Pigs" - As offensive as it is, I think it's good when the anti-gay industry shows its animus for same-sex families. Such hatred cannot be hidden behind the guise of "upholding Christian principles."

I get VERY frustrated with the gay community - Apparently the rant I wrote this morning has attained a degree of popularity. Because of such, I am running it again.

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