Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Family Research Council wants God to stop gay adoptions

Over the years, I have blogged about many several nasty, underhanded, and mean-spirited things done by the Family Research Council in the name of God.

But the following prayer by the group simply has to take the proverbial cake:
Homosexual Adoption -- Building upon Congress' passage of a pro-homosexual federal hate crimes law, the overturn of the law against homosexuality in the military, and the legalization of homosexual marriage in her home state, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) has introduced the Every Child Deserves A Family Act. The Act would end all federal funding for adoption agencies that refuse to place children in LGBT "families." It will punish public and private agencies that act on their view that traditionally married couples are the best candidates to adopt. It will trounce on adoption agencies in the 31 states that have passed marriage amendments. It will put some Christian groups that take federal funds out of business altogether. Moreover, it will subject foster and adoptive children to the homosexual indoctrination and behavior of LGBT "parents"
May God intervene and stir Americans to resist and stop this effort to advance the radical homosexual agenda and literally to possess our nation's children. May God open our eyes! (Gen 1:26-28; 2:21-24; Lev 18:22-30; Dt 26:7-8; Pr 28:4; Lk 17:1-2; Acts 5:29; Eph 5:31-6:4)

Bear in mind that FRC never even bothered to ask God that children in need of adoption be placed in good homes. The organization didn't even push the phony talking point of "all children need a mother and a father."

It's all about keeping children away from "The GAYS."

There is no other way to put it. That's some coldhearted shit.

And it underscores something vital which very few have ever mentioned. In all of the years in which FRC has attacked same-sex households or gay adoption, the organization has never pushed, suggested, or even slightly initiated any type of  plan encouraging folks in what it claims to be "perfect family units," i.e. heterosexual mother/father households into adopting children.

Again, it's all about keeping children away from "The GAYS."

To FRC, it's all about "The GAYS."  Children are merely collateral damage in its attempts to stamp out lgbtq equality.

And now through virtue of the organization's prayer, God has become collateral damage.

What do you all think? Should this be considered as the 17th reason why the Family Research Council is a hate group?

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Dwan said...

Yes, although there are probably more than 17 reasons that the FRC should be identified as a hate group. And forgetting that adoption is about children, not your skeezy political agenda, well, that should count for two reasons. Looking at the progress in this past year, I think it's pretty clear that God is on Senator Gillibrand's side. May God open your eyes indeed, FRC!

Anonymous said...

And if God doesn't "intervene and stir Americans to resist and stop this effort to advance the radical homosexual agenda" etc. will they finally shut up about it?

Afterall, christians will tell you that god only answers prayers that are in alignment with his will. Therefore, it logically follows that all prayers that go unanswered are contrary to god's will.

They prayed feverishly that the repeal of DADT would not go through. Their prayers were obviously ignored. Therefore, it must be god's will that gays serve openly in the military. He didn't answer their wailing prayers to stop marriage equality from becoming a reality in New York either. Likewise, it must be his will in action there too. So the very fact that they're still fighting these things that god has apparently given his verdict on doesn't show much respect or consideration for the Almighty's higher plan, does it?

And if this latest desperate prayer is ignored as well? Guess we'll see...