Monday, November 17, 2014

'Anti-gay leader Tony Perkins says something extra stupid' & other Monday midday news briefs

At least three NOM personalities at Vatican #Humanum conference - So the Pope has invited, amongst others, three members of NOM and the Family Research Council's Tony Perkins to attend a Vatican meeting on marriage. Am I right to be a bit paranoid as to the outcome? 

Tony Perkins: Normalization of 'Inappropriate' Homosexuality In US Causing Worldwide Anti-Christian Persecution - Speaking of Tony Perkins, he is claiming that the United States's pro-lgbt stance is causing other countries to persecute Christians because they are not in favor of the United States's pro-lgbt stance . . . I think.  

Michigan Tells Court That 300 Same-Sex Couples’ Marriages Are Void - And the nominees for SOBs of the year are . . .  

How the Religious Right Scams Its Way Onto the New York Times Bestseller List - EVERY issue involving the religious right sooner or later has an effect on the lgbt community.  

France's Sarkozy, Thrice Married, Plans Presidential Run To Repeal Gay Marriage - This is just beyond cold blooded.

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