Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Wacky reactions to SCOTUS marriage equality ruling revisited (in honor of Phyllis)

Anti-lgbt and all-around conservative hagstorm Phyllis Schlafly passed away yesterday at 92. I won't crack any jokes about her age, her life, or the fact that even though she had a gay son, she bent over backwards to be nasty to us. I will just revisit the wackiest reactions to last year's SCOTUS ruling for marriage equality just as a way of demonstrating how yet again the lgbt community has survived and thrived whilst another enemy of our equality is gone:

And then there is my personal favorite:


The Warrior said...

Yep, the marginalization of Christians has happened. They are hiding in fear the the Gay Agenda includes executing Christians who refuse to accept the law. Wow. But what would you expect from CBN, home of our favorite homophobe, Pat Robertson.

BlackTsunami said...

Don't forget the Islaaaahhhhmists. LOL

Erica Cook said...

I won't celibate a person's death, because I believe all life deserves at least the dignity of not being disrespected once it's over. I will not mourn the loss of her life because her life contributed nothing positive I can see. I will, however, mourn a chance lost. Because she died before learning whatever it is she had to so that she could become our friend instead of our enemy. And I will mourn the loss a gay man had of the mother who didn't live long enough to accept him. I think of the psyche needed for a woman to birth a child, care for that child, but not be able to love that child enough to accept them, I think that is something worthy of mourning.