Friday, November 02, 2012

'The Queens endorse Obama' and other Friday midday news briefs

 I LOVE this endorsement! Sometimes it takes a real queen to say what no one says but everyone should be talking about.

In other news:  

National Organization for Marriage accuses 'white people's money' of buying black vote; so acting like NOM, basically - Where in the hell is that damn lightning!

Rush Limbaugh Suggests Chris Christie Is Going Gay For Obama - If this was the case, Limbaugh's probably jealous.

Anti-Equality Groups Roll Out More Exaggerated ‘Victim’ Stories - Junk, junk, and even more junk after that. 

Parshall: Satan the 'Great Deceiver' is behind Marriage Equality - The next time Maggie Gallagher and that bunch whine about being called "bigots" simply because they don't agree with marriage equality, point this lovely gem out to them. 

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