Thursday, September 06, 2012

Has NOM abandoned its Black church liasion?

William Owens
We don't seem to be hearing a lot from Rev. William Owens these days.

Remember him? Owens is the leader of the CAAP (the Coalition of African-American Pastors) who was attempting to get the African-American community to withhold its support from President Obama until he withdrew his support of marriage equality.

At first, Owens and CAAP captured some attention. But then it was discovered that not only was Owens affiliated with the National Organization for Marriage (the organization which endorsed Obama's opponent, Mitt Romney), was receiving monies from NOM and other right-wing groups, but also that Owens may have lied about his participation in the Civil Rights Movement.

Since that time, Owens and CAAP have been keeping a low profile. However, Owens did take the time to be interviewed by Essence magazine during the Republican National Convention. Unfortunately, the article's author neglected to touch on CAAP's controversy. The interview went like this:

ESSENCE: Why are you attending the RNC, and what’s the message you want to send here?

REV. WILLIAM OWENS: We are here but we will also be at the Democratic National Convention next week. We want it to be known that the African American community is for marriage between a man and a woman. I’m not dealing with any other issue here because as the Black family deteriorates, none of the other issues will matter. The President has gone down the wrong road. He’s in the White House because of the Blacks who gave their lives during the civil rights movement. If it wasn’t for them he wouldn’t be there, and yet he caters to less than three percent of the population only because they can give him that Hollywood money. He is taking the Black vote for granted.

ESSENCE: Do you think President Obama was pressured into taking a stand on gay marriage?

REV. OWENS: No, he wasn’t pressured; he was bought. Hollywood has given him millions. He didn’t know that there would be a group of Black pastors who would stand up for what’s right and not be afraid of him.

ESSENCE: But isn’t the issue of gay marriage also an issue of civil rights?

REV. OWENS: I was in the civil rights movement. I know what we marched for, and we didn’t march for same-sex marriage. We marched because Black people suffered. We wanted better jobs. We wanted to be able to go to any restaurant or hotel. Homosexuals don’t have that issue. They make more money than anyone else, so how can you compare that with the civil rights movement?

While the author of the article didn't ask enough probing questions, from the majority of the comments responding, folks wasn't buying Owens' story:

Another example of a black man "tearing" down another black man. God is the only one that can judge what is right and what is wrong. Not to cast your vote for a man (President Obama) because of what he said about gay marriages does not mean that he does not care about the citizens of this country and want to make things better for all people. Pastor Owens needs to check his facts as well and talk about the issues that plague our inner city communities, such as gun violence and the senseless killings among the black race. Discuss the poverty level and the school systems in the inner cities. All some blacks want to do is make excuses for what someone else may or may not be doing...what we need to do is check ourselves and figure out how to help one another instead of degrading one another.

How ironic Rev. Owens claims President Obama has sold out to Hollywood while he has sold out to the Republican Party. Stupid is as stupid does.

These so called Pastors forget that there is a separation of Church and State. We are ALL human beings and children of God and regardless of how one chooses to live their life in the end we will ALL have to answer for ourselves. In the pulpit you should be preaching and teaching the Word of God as it relates to helping lift up "your flock" and leave your own opinions at home. He ain't nothing but a "gray area fence sitter".

Pastor Williams does not speak for all Black's. I get so upset with leaders that feel they speak for all. I will vote for Obama, regardless of his views on marriage... why....As leader he represents all people regardless of gender, race or creed. I don't agree with his idea on marriage because i believe marriage is between a man and a woman but i probably want agree with all decision by whoever becomes president... however I do believe that Romney is not for us (Blacks) are the poor (oh that's us to)!.. Better the one we know than the one we don't!

I guess NOM can chalk Owens up as a tax write-off.

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