Thursday, January 17, 2013

'More proof that NOM is branching out in the UK' and other Thursday midday news briefs

Video: The UK gets its own Kalley Yanta - First the French anti-marriage equality march and now this. It looks like the National Organization for Marriage is branching out in Europe big time. Maybe not necessarily NOM, but whoever is behind NOM.  

Religious Extremism On Display At Rhode Island’s Same-Sex Marriage Hearing - This was just vile. And so many errors too. Marriage has not been the same since the beginning of time even if you followed the Bible (who married Adam and Eve for instance?) And I won't even talk about that caterwauling in the hallway of the Rhode Island legislative capitol building. Lastly, you KNOW someone had to work in something about sexual intercourse.
Air Force Veteran Fired Under DADT Named As Inauguration Citizen Co-Chair - Outstanding! 

Buster Wilson Warns Obama Might Confiscate Guns of Anti-Gay Activists - What would Jesus do, indeed?  

Seattle's Mars Hill Church Moves Close To Gay Neighborhood To Preach To Those 'Infected By AIDS' - You wouldn't have to move to a gay neighborhood for that.

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