Saturday, January 26, 2013

WOW! NOM posts a rude pic, wants to make ugly history

From my online buddy Jeremy Hooper comes something from the National Organization for Marriage which is just so (my Julia Sugarbaker voice)- STUPID:

It's stupid because it's half-sighted. So a man and a woman copulating creates a child. But it says nothing about the well-being or caring of the child.

Any man or woman can make a child, but it takes a real mother or father to be a parent. And in that respect, the gay community has done very good for itself.

But this ridiculous poster from NOM enhances the sad fact of how the organization is attempting to play heterosexual households and same-sex households who are raising children against one another.

The raising of a child is not a competition. It is a blessing which belongs to everyone who can partake in it.

By the way, boys and girls. I hear that NOM is planning a national march on Washington at the same time the Supreme Court will be deliberating on DOMA and Prop 8.

You realize that if this happens, NOM will make history.

Generally, marches on Washington are about attaining rights which are deserved but not given, such as the 1963 Civil Rights March on Washington (organized by a gay man by the way - Bayard Rustin) and the several marches for gay equality. Marches on Washington are about bringing attention to an injustices such as war and poverty.

With NOM's march, this will probably be the first time there will a march on Washington demanding that  inequality, discrimination, and second-class status be foisted on a group of Americans (lgbts).

Go figure.


TheOtherSarahJane said...

I also love how the picture completely ignores the fact that there are quite a few children conceived nowadays by artificial insemination--which, of course, does not require a heterosexual couple. A small point, but one that makes me laugh at them nonetheless.

Some Other Guy said...

Well sure, a relationship is one way to create a child. But that doesn't mean it will lead to marriage, as Mrs. Srivastav could easily show when she herself had a child out of holy matrimony.
Thank goodness Mr. Srivastav and married Maggie Gallagher.

Anonymous said...

Definitely not the first time. History is made by the bad guys, too, unfortunately. The way to combat it? A large showing from the LGBT community and supporters at organized, peaceful demonstrations during the march, not only in Washington, but across the nation.

Anonymous said...

"Im always reminded of Keanu Reeves line in the movie "Parenthood" "you need a liscence to drive a car, to shoota gun, you even need a liscence to catch a fish, but they will just let any asshole be a father"

MrT. said...

I think if NOM wants to march on Washington as the first group to promote discrimination and bigotry, let them! Let them fall flat on their faces and let them live with that kind of infamy that their children and grandchildren will be ashamed of fifty years down the line. That's quite a distinction, and a fitting legacy for some of those degenerates.

Anonymous said...

interesting that they do all this in the name of jesus.... who, if I remember correctly, they believe was made by a woman and a spirit.

Anonymous said...

"this will probably be the first time there will a march on Washington demanding that inequality, discrimination, and second-class status be foisted on a group of Americans." Er, no. Anti-abortion activists have marched on Washington many times, hoping to change the laws to take away rights from women who want/need abortions.

BlackTsunami said...

And then there was the Klan march decades before hand. NOM will be in good company. I say let's remind folks of that company.

COXYGRU said...

If our anti-equality forces here in France can organize massive, nationwide marches, then so can those in the US. Ah, there's nothing like a good ol' Homophobia Pride march.

Michael G said...

Thanks Alvin --
Your perspective, as always, has been enlightening. Pardon my metaphor, but every day brings more hatred and ideological putrefaction from the Christian wing, and your savvy outlook is always like the match struck in the bathroom to clear away the stench.

Andy G. said...

As my aunt used to say, "Any schmuck can fuck."