Monday, February 11, 2013

Sullivan High School student - 'my school and community supports lgbt students!'

A student at Sullivan High School in Indiana has written me about the controversy about several students and parents wanting to ban gay students from the prom and setting up a "traditional prom" instead:

I am a senior at Sullivan High School. Just wanted to let all of you know it is NOT the school that is banning same sex couples!! I hate how the school is being made out as the bad guy, that is not the case at all. The only prom that's banning them is the "traditional prom" that is being held somewhere else (it is not supported by the school). The only way they can go to the traditional prom is if they go with someone of the opposite sex.

Sullivan High School is ACCEPTING the same sex couples and the staff at SHS is for the same sex couples going and so are the majority of student and people in the community!!!! I absolutely hate how my town is getting called Anti-Gay Bigots because a few "Christians" are planning a separate prom!

Not all of Sullivan is like that I can damn well guarantee it. It appalls me that some people in my community cant accept others for who they are, but like i said not all of us are that narrow minded so please stop saying all of Sullivan County is like that because we aren't. My date (who is a guy) and I are attending the school prom that is ALLOWING same sex couples to go!

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Anonymous said...

To Alvin and the anonymous letter writer:
Thank you for sharing this; it is relieving to hear this so clearly spelled out. I would like to emphasize that I understood the school itself was neither providing nor supporting the anti-gay prom, and felt sure that the school environment was not nearly as dangerous as the source article implied. I am most frustrated, not with the ignorant minority that wanted to play the "take my ball and go home" game, but with a news report that did not go through the trouble of gathering the feelings of LGBT students/staff to instead magnify what bigotry is present.

Mykelb said...

I cannot wait until all the fundamentalists leave public life altogether and live in little bands like wolves in the wild.

Kaylim said...

This is a great update. It's good to know the traditional prom is not being sponsored/endorsed/organized by the school. It's still sad that some people even feel a need for a "traditional" prom, but it's great to know they are in the minority.

oruboris said...

Any one who read the article should have understood that the school was allowing same sex couples, which was the whole reason for the other group to set up a 'traditional' break away of their own.

What isn't clear yet is whether the traditionalist or the school itself will have the bigger attendance, and whether the traditionalists will try to lure the kids to theirs with a bigger band or better venue.

I hope the kids of Sullivan will do the right thing: boycott the bigots!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the clarification. I am glad to hear the school is having an all student prom.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the clarification. You know how the news media is. Honestly I hope the teacher gets fired.With suicide rates being high for homosexual kids, she had no business saying what she did on tv. She is now a liability to the school. I hope they see that.