Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fox News reporter Todd Starnes 'pimpin' for anti-gay hate groups

Todd Starnes
It's bad enough that Fox News reporter Todd Starnes engages in bad reporting in order to push a false narrative of anti-Christian bigotry.

But now, he is using his role as a reporter to fundraise for anti-gay hate groups such as the Family Research Council. According to Equality Matters:

On the October 23 edition of FRC’s Washington Watch radio program, FRC president Tony Perkins invited Starnes on to once again falsely accuse the military of persecuting Christian groups because of their opposition to homosexuality. At the end of the segment, Starnes – who has acted as a de facto mouth piece for AFA and FRC on Fox – encouraged listener to “pick up that phone and throw a few dollars into the cause” by donating to the notorious anti-gay groups:

STARNES: Tony, I want to thank American Family Radio. This is a share-a-thon.There’s a reason why we need groups like Family Research Council, why we need folks like American Family Radio. Get the word out there, airing my daily commentaries. So folks, pick up that phone and throw a few dollars into the cause.

Even if this crap is legal, I know that it cannot be ethical.  But I predicted this a while back and it has come to pass. Now the religious right has a network (Fox News) and a reporter (Todd Starnes) with which it can funnel its anti-gay lies without courtesy of correction or debate.

So if you think that nonsense about anti-Christian persecution in the military is bad, just wait. I think we will see worse.

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