Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Anti-gay hate group leader launches false attack on homeless lgbt youth

Linda Harvey
Anti-gay hate group leader Linda Harvey (Mission America) made these comments last week. However in light of the upcoming GLSEN's Day of Silence which highlights the problems faced by lgbt youth, they deserve more attention.

They underscore the deliberate obliviousness of the anti-gay industry when it comes to our lgbt children and also why I personally wouldn't allow Harvey around any children, much less lgbt children:


 ‘Kids are kicked out of their homes just for being who they are,’ is how the saying goes, well let me offer another possibility that I’ve heard far too often: a parent learns that a son or daughter is claiming to be gay but an underage child still lives at home, so the now-heartbroken parent puts new restrictions on some of the activities like for instance, the teen is no longer going to be having sleepovers with that same-sex friend, or if the friend is a college student or has an apartment, visits over there will not be permitted. What does the teen do? It may become a fight where the teen storms out by choice and leaves voluntarily because the homosexual relationship is more important than that of his or her parents. And when that all-important relationship ends, the teen is too stubborn or already too-involved in alcohol or drugs or the premature independence of the homosexual life and he or she would rather drift than return home. It’s not always the case of course but personal decisions are at the heart of these issues. 

Hat tip to Right Wing Watch.


Lynn LeFevre said...

You obviously have no freaking clue. The most insidious are the far right wing, such as the Mormon, who supposedly espouse a "family centric" ideology. If a child goes against their rather tight-assed religious beliefs, there is little compunction with sending the youth out to face the world on their own. This is so contrary to Christ's teachings. Why would LGBT youth have one of the highest suicide rates in the world? Because they are stubborn? Give me a f*cking break! It is because the "loving" family has outright said "You are no longer our child!" Lie all you want about this, but that does not alter the actual facts. You are worthless, Linda Harvey! When you stand before your Maker" you will quake with fear over the lies and hatred you have espoused.

Erica Cook said...

I like to consider myself a peaceful person, but when it comes to our children, the children the bulk of society ignores, something in me comes out. I can't quite call it the momma bear, I'm not a mom, I'm an aunt. There is a part of me that wants to cause the person who created such words pain, long unceasing agonizing pain. The kind of pain that makes one regret living. I'm an aunt, and every LGBT youth are my nieces and nephews and you don't hurt my family.

BJohnM said...

I finally went to the Mission America website, and noticed something odd generally, but perfectly in keeping with Linda Harvey's beliefs. If you look closely at the pastoral photograph of the Church used in their header, you see that the church is surrounded by a fence. Why does that not surprise me.