Wednesday, June 04, 2014

''Christian' writer picking on transgender child' & other Wednesday midday news briefs

BarbWire Pundit Says Transgender Boy Is Possessed By Demons - Because the "Christian" thing to do is always pick on the transgender child.  

Um, not sure I'd use the phrase 'drive a wedge' when defending a NOM event - NOM's fake black civil rights group is getting serious pushback on its video comparing marriage equality to slavery and segregation. Good. 

Top Christian Activist: Gay Rights Transforming US Into ‘Totalitarianism’ Of Hitler’s Germany - Oh yeah. You can just see it by the way folks like Tony Perkins are free to make such evil comparisons. After all, the Nazis were always one for NOT viciously stamping out those who complain about them.  

Southern Baptist Minister Explains Why He Changed His Mind On Homosexuality - Progress! Sweet, sweet progress! 

 On Fox, The Gay Marriage Revolution Has Not Been Televised - Ignore marriage equality victories, but if Fox News can push a false story of gays supposedly "persecuting" folks, stand back!

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