Tuesday, September 29, 2015

'Kim Davis' lawyers admit 'prayer rally photo' is a hoax' & other Tue midday news briefs

Kim Davis' lawyers admits that this photo is not true.

Kim Davis’ Attorneys Finally Admit This Isn’t A Picture Of A Massive Kim Davis Rally In Peru - The Liberty Counsel claims that it's an honest mistake. Suuuure it is. Look, it may be but based on the Liberty Counsel's track record of distortions and lies (particularly from Mat Staver and Matt Barber), I REFUSE to give the organization the benefit of the doubt. 

Just in case you missed the earlier story - Think Progress knocks Kim Davis supporters out with irrefutable proof of their lies

Meanwhile, some very EVIL, EVIL folks are rubbing it in (I call them evil because I didn't get a chance to get my digs in):

In other news: 

Former Houston Astros players weigh in on opposite sides of HERO - In Houston, the pro-lgbt ordinance known as HERO faces some ugly opposition as former Houston Astro baseball player Lance Berkman (reading from a script) claimed that it would allow men to invade women's restrooms. Another former Astro, Joe Valentine, countered those lies with the plain truth.  

Carly Fiorina Falsely Claims She Never Called Obergefell The 'Law Of The Land' - Uh yes you did, girlfriend. They have you on video.

 BREAKING: Lance Sanderson Suspended From School Following Attempt To Bring Same-Sex Date To Homecoming - Actually, the publicity of the situation got him suspended. This is still a damn shame.  

Gay Teen Suspended From Catholic School After Not Attending Dance - More from The Advocate about the situation.


Anonymous said...

So why isn't the American Bar Association looking at Liberty Council and these lawyers. There must be rules about lying and misleading clients.

Erica Cook said...

Anonymous, I could be wrong, but I believe someone has to file a complaint for them to do so.

labman57 said...

Now if only they will finally admit that their legal standing is also a complete crock of llama poop.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the Pope claims this morning from Mat Staver? Could easily be a lie.

Think Progress on Monday published what the Pope really said about Davis.

Expose the truth, internet!