Thursday, September 24, 2015

'Scalia still furious over SCOTUS marriage equality ruling' & other Thur midday news briefs

Book gives voice to black queer boys
Justice Scalia Is Still Hopping Mad Over The Gay Marriage Ruling - Dear Justice Scalia, kindly @!$*, with a BIG cherry on top. 

 Kim Davis to Megyn Kelly: “If I resign, I lose my voice,” proving everyone right - What the heck does THAT mean? As much good as Kim Davis is doing to harm that ridiculous cause of "religious liberty," she is beginning to get on the tip top of my LAST nerve. 
This Children’s Book Aims To Give Black Queer Boys A Voice - Cause one is WAAAAY overdue.

8 Questions to Stop Asking Bisexual People - AMEN! 

 Judges Rules Against Jail Whose Staff Systematically Sexually Harassed Trans Inmate - Wonderful news! 

 Gohmert: Confirming Gay Army Secretary Will Make Muslims Think We Approve Child Sex Abuse - Whaaaaat?!!! 

 Marriage Equality Opponents Need to Admit Actual Reason for Their Loss - My blog post made The Huffington Post so I am promoting that incarnation of it. Read the post and stay for the comment war. Apparently SOME folks didn't appreciate what I said. 

Photo by Kendrick Day

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Erica Cook said...

In regards to the children's book. I'm glad to see this is being done. As a white girl you could argue I had a lot of role models, but I always knew there was something fundamentally different between them and me. It wasn't being a lesbian, though that came up later. There were not disabled heroes then. If there was a person with a disability they were pitied, or protected, because they were seen as frail. That's why Star Trek became so important to me. Geordi Laforge was the first character I could look at and really want to be like. Children need that.