Wednesday, July 12, 2017

'Emerging alliance between Putin, American religious right very troubling' & other Wed midday news briefs

Franklin Graham vocally supported Putin's persecution of Russia's LGBTQ community.

The emerging alliance between Putin and Trump’s God squad - Though not as nefarious as what Trump and his cohorts may have done, but just as unprincipled and deadly to the interests of LGBTQs worldwide. I wish this was a conspiracy theory, but it's not. Putin created an image of himself being the protector of values and morality and the American religious right have been steadily and willfully falling for this lie .

July 12th: Join the Internet-Wide Day of Action to save Net Neutrality - Via GLAAD, an important post on how changes in net neutrality could harm those of us in the digital media who seek to empower and educate the LGBTQ community. Another thing to call Trump out for.

Hate Group Leader: "I’m a Pediatrician. How Transgender Ideology ..." - SWEET take down of religious right junk scientist.  

 Gay man wins Supreme Court case on equal pension rights - It may have happened it Britain but any victory anywhere for our community is a victory worth celebrating.  

Why We Need Trans Actors Playing Everyday Roles - Yes we do. Point blank. 

 This Couple Want To Prove You Can Be Gay And Muslim With Their Wedding - Mad props and many happy wishes to this couple.

 19 Things Asexual People Need You To Understand About Asexuality - This is fascinating and very educational. I got a lot of stuff wrong.

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