Tuesday, April 10, 2012

'What the heck is sodomy-based marriage anyway?' and other Tuesday midday news briefs

The folks in North Carolina are pulling out all of the stops to defeat that awful anti-family amendment, Amendment One. The following videos are two former mayors of Charlotte, Harvey Gantt (a Democrat) and Richard Vinroot (a Republican) speaking on how Amendment One is a bad idea:

For more information about the video, see Pam's House Blend.

In other news:

No Special Rights PAC, Maine Anti-Gay Marriage Group, Seeks End To 'Sodomy-Based Marriage' - It's always about sex with these anti-marriage equality folks. They think more about sex than 100 cloned horny 18-year-olds.

White House Kicks Off LGBT Heroes Video Contest
- I totally agree. There are a myriad of unsung lgbt heroes who do not get their due. Plus this will totally tee off the religious right (sorry, that last part was the b*^%tch in me coming out.)

HRC & Freedom to Marry to Cardinal Dolan: End Support of NOM - For all of the criticism they get, the Human Rights Campaign has been batting a thousand with their aggressive pushes on NOM. And let's not leave out Freedom to Marry either.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker to Prevent Same-Sex Couples Hospital Visitation Rights - Go ahead, Walker. You got almost everyone in Wisconsin angry at you. By all means, do what you can so that the gay community doesn't feel left out.

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Daniel said...

I'm rooting for the side of equality to win in N. Carolina. It would be major victory for fairness!

Mary in Austin said...

Harvey Gantt will always be a hero to me for taking on that evil Jesse Helms. It's so good to see him on the side of the angels again.