Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Surprise! Kirk Cameron is a hypocrite

Recently, Kirk Cameron received a lot of flack - deservedly so - for his claim that homosexuality is "destructive." And like so many others, when faced with criticism when making such ugly comments, Cameron played the victim.

And unfortunately, people bought that junk. I wonder if folks are going to buy this meeting of Cameron and high profile Mormon Glenn Beck. From Religious Right Watch:

 (Kirk) Cameron featured Beck at the kickoff event for his movie Monumental, about how America needs to return to its theocratic Pilgrim roots, where Beck told Cameron that God confirmed to him in prayer that what they are doing is right and wants them to warn the country about America’s impending collapse.

Beck’s appearance and discussion of his talks with God in Cameron’s Religious Right “documentary” may raise eyebrows since Cameron in 2006 co-hosted an anti-Mormon film with evangelist Ray Comfort. In the show, Cameron said that it was likely Satan who appeared to Joseph Smith, the Mormon prophet, as the Angel Moroni and led him to golden plates that became the Book of Mormon, and even said that Mormons are “following a false Jesus” and “will end up in Hell forever.” “If you’ve ever spoken to a Mormon, sometimes you know how frustrating it could when they use the same words you do but they mean something different and you’re not sure how to finish the conversation,” Cameron said.

And if you need proof of Cameron's anti-Mormon video, check this out:

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