Tuesday, January 14, 2014

'American 'Christian' groups supported Nigerian anti-gay persecution laws' and other Tuesday midday news briefs

Dozens arrested for being gay in north Nigeria - Guess who we have to thank for this persecution in Nigeria? One guess. 

US Conservative Groups Supported Nigerian Anti-Gay Law That Led to Wave of Arrests - Those so-called "morality, pro-family" groups and spokespeople in America. So now it's not just anti-gay propaganda they are hiding behind "deeply held religious beliefs." They are hiding persecution behind it, too. Of course they haven't commented about the arrests. Must be too busy talking about 'Duck Dynasty.'  

Does NOM really believe its 'once and for all' silliness? - Meanwhile, NOM is rocked by so many losses on the marriage equality front that the organization is fooling itself to think that a federal anti-gay marriage amendment can pass.

  These Grandfathers Getting Married Might Just Make You Well Up - This moving story makes sure that all is not doom and gloom in today's news briefs.  

Maine AG says state will recognize Utah same-sex marriages - Excellent!

  Michigan's Foremost Anti-Gay Republican Just Had A Very Hateful Week On Facebook - In which we find out the answer to the question just how anti-gay do you have to be to make your fellow Republicans sick of you.

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