Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Pastor talks about killing gays for Christmas, religious right drama queens conveniently silent

It's both hilarious and sad that the American Family Association will raise holy hell against businesses for allegedly not saying Merry Christmas, Fox News personality Todd Starnes will write about almost every contrived and stupid incident involving alleged anti-Christian persecution, and the Family Research Council will defend a city employee who implies that his fellow employees are not better than those who engage in bestiality and pedophilia, but all will be silent about the following, which is, if you ask me, the real problem with Christianity in America:

For the record, I don't think that Christians are under attack in this country, but I do think that the religion is getting a lot of bad press. But what else can you expect when on one side, you have folks playing the "religious liberty" card to excuse all sorts of homophobic behavior and you have kooks like Faithful Word Baptist Church Pastor and hate group leader. Steve Anderson ( who apparently got his doctorate from the back of a bubblegum card) spewing crazy nonsense on the other.

You can't blame this one on lgbts or anyone else, my Christian Americans. Either your tacit agreement or convenient silence is toblame.


Gregory Peterson said...

Apparently, that's Arizona's own Pastor Steven Anderson.

Anonymous said...

There is a Christian denomination who recently challenged anti-gay marriage legislation because it infringed upon their religious freedom. I speak of the United Church of Christ - or UCC. It's easier to say UCC rather than the whole because people confuse UCC with Church of Christ and they are NOT the same.

Since the late eighties the UCC has been a place of affirmation for LGBT folk. My memory is fuzzy but I believe they were one of the first to accept and ordain LGBT ministers.

It is the church I grew up in with the focus being on what you do and the content of your character... You know, real adult stuff.

UCC even went to congress where their representative was attacked by the Dominionists in power for not being Christian enough. What does a hard working denomination need to do to get heard then?

There are people out there in the trenches of this culture war. They slog on day after day doing the correct thing because it is the correct thing to do. And they get no recognition because being in the trenches sucks. It isn't sexy, it doesn't sell air time, and there isn't any blood. A lot of mud, muck, and poop, but no blood so no vid shots of UCCers feeding the homeless or working with immigrants or starting Action Centers to disperse clothing and food to those in need.

Shoot - look for yourself.

It sounds like I am pushing them as THE church to join. Nope - not my intent as I am an avowed Pagan and know such decisions are best made by oneself. I am saying that in the sea of angry Christians who can do nothing more than pour more hate on more anger on more fear, a life saver such as the UCC could provide hope for someone who loves their faith but not the church they attend.

By the way, you Mr Holy Bullies, are (in my eyes) a general of those cultural war trenches. I pray every day you get the support and services needed to fight this war. As an Other on so many planes, my existence depends on your success.