Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Hate group still hating on Obama

As President Obama leaves office and the Orange Encrusted Overlord prepares to attempt to take his place, the thing which aggravates me probably the most is what people are missing about Obama's time in office.

Obama has said that at times he failed to translate his personal popularity to support for his policies and no doubt, this probably be what a portion of his legacy may be. And it's a fallacy.

No president, as far as I know, had networks, think tanks, and "news sources" constantly undermining him 24 hours a day as Obama did. No president had opposition who constantly pushed lies about his background, his motivations, and the successes of his policies as Obama did.

Case in point is this nonsense below. Even though he is leaving office, the anti-lgbt hate group the American Family Association, through its phony news service One News Now, can't resist taking at least one more dig at Obama via a false poll:

America is substantially better in all of these areas as Obama leaves office, but One News Now will spin it in the opposite direction. And of course its "Christian" readers will respond like sheep. As of 7:51 a.m. PST, the results are:

Some have claimed that Obama always had a problem with white evangelicals. When any group, be they white evangelicals or anyone else, are constantly relying on a news sources which gives consistently them negative headlines and articles about Obama, what does one expect him to have BUT problems.

Ironically, One News Now is also running articles implying that we need to "come together" under President Trump.

Keep dreaming. It ain't gonna happen.


Anonymous said...

The thing that is so funny about the poll results is that it demonstrates that all of the things that are "real" and matter most – health insurance, paycheck, physical security, and children's education – all score extremely low, indicating people are actually satisfied with how things are right now. The poll actually shows the policy-based success of the Obama years.
That it's only the completely subjective "feelings" part of the poll, which was conducted by a religiously-based organization that harps on these fallacies, makes perfect sense.

Frank said...

I think history will view Obama as one of our greatest presidents. His intellect, dignity, statesmanship, and resolve in the face of all the adversity from congress, are all remarkable. The constant blame put on him by republicans at every turn for everything - even things that did not transpire under his watch - was utterly despicable. He always handled the opposition with dignity and grace - and if he is at fault for anything, it was that he was too gracious toward those who plotted against him. I can only imagine what he could have accomplished if he'd had a cooperative, or at least a well-meaning, compromising, congress. I always felt that he was betrayed by those who labeled the Affordable Care Act "Obamacare" after they'd made mincemeat of Obama's original plan for universal health care, then insured that it would be less than successful by allowing (red) states to avoid full compliance. The subterfuge by republicans is beyond treasonous. And how any "christian" organization can excuse these republican plots and actions as anything but evil is beyond my understanding.