Friday, January 13, 2017

'Some homophobia & transphobia simply cannot be ignored' & other Fri. midday news briefs

This is Theodore Shoebat, an incredibly insane Christian militant who was fairly popular in religious right circles, even appearing in an anti-lgbt documentary created by Janet Folger in 2015 and starting some nonsense about gay bakeries refusing to cater to homophobes in 2014. The video above is an example of why those folks are now wary to associate with him. In December, he verbally attacked the editors of National Geographic for putting a transgender child on the cover and also verbally attacked the child. He isn't joking. He means everything he says and it is the reason why sometimes we can't ignore homophobia or transphobia. Someone is always listening. 

156 LGBT Elected Officials Call On President-elect to Advance LGBT Equality During His Presidency - Noble endeavor. 

 Pompeo tells Kamala Harris he won’t discriminate against LGBT workers at the CIA - Senator Kamala Harris grills Trump's pick to run the CIA, Mike Pompeo, on lgbt rights in the organization. Conservative magazines and online news sources aren't happy. To hell with them and good for her!

LGBT groups 'heartened' by Mattis' testimony - Looks like at least one pick in Trump's cabinet has good sense. 

Trump Nominee Won’t Disavow Claim That Women, LGBTQ Soldiers Harm Military - But then again, there is is an alternate view of the situation. 

 Making Elder Homes More LGBT-Friendly - An important article.


Damien said...

Theodore Shoebat is one scary bitch.


John Powell said...

What I am hearing in these Cabinet Member Hearings is that, vetted or not, the candidates sound like children telling their parents a story that hey believe will keep them out of trouble. Stating, at base, they will do the job they are assigned. Offering few, if any, direct answers to the questions leveled at them.

Perhaps I am being paranoid, but, something about this does not feel right.

Somewhere between their past history and their screaming silence during the hearings is where the real answers will be found. So, when the truth of their actions is discovered, will it be too late for them...or us?

John Powell said...

Yes, there will always be a Shoebat. Yes, someone will always listen to them. That simply puts us in the position to prove them wrong. Something we have working on with varying degrees of success for a long time.

Scott Amundsen said...

Look Shoebat do us all a favor: take off that stupid hat when you are indoors and for Christ's sake wash your greasy hair. You might want to consider a shave, too: you're a mess.