Tuesday, September 11, 2012

'NOM wants to boycott T-Mobile' and other Tuesday midday news briefs

NOM recruiting a T'd off America - Because NOM's boycott against General Mills and Starbucks have been SOOOOOO successful. (Yeah that's sarcasm.)

 College Football Player Kicked Off Team After Outing Himself - What the hell?

 Pat Robertson reminisces about the days when wife beating was A-OK - Gotta LOOOVE Pat Robertson's "Christian values."  

LaBarbera Denounces 'The New Normal' for its 'Incredible Propaganda,' Wants Ex-Gays on TV - But ex-gays have already been on tv. Didn't "Porno Pete" see that episode of Will and Grace? 

Mother Jones: Jewelry Company Owner Funding Anti-Gay, Pro-Romney Ads - I say keep it up. Another ad like that and we will get marriage equality in no time at all. 

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1 comment:

Alan E. said...

Isn't that episode of Will and Grace the one with NPH as the ex-gay? Love that one!