Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Harry Jackson - NOM's $80,000 Negro

Harry Jackson
According to Right-Wing Watch, African-American minister Harry Jackson made some pointed comments about minorities supporting the Democratic party conveniently just in time for the upcoming election:

Harry Jackson spoke at the iPledge Sunday prayer service last night where claimed that minority voters were selling out and bowing their knee to Baal by voting Democratic and, in the process, threatening the welfare of this nation because 'if God lifts his hand from America, we lose it all." As such, Jackson told African Americans and Hispanics that they have got to "vote your Biblical values" and "decide that you're going to come off of an ideological plantation and into the freedom of the liberty of the sons of God."

Jackson then went on to proclaim that the reason America is facing tough economic times "is because we have not been biblically faithful" because the nation has been seeking to redefine God's definition of marriage:

People for the American Way called Jackson the point man for the religious right's attempt to exploit the black community.

And that designation certainly pays well.

According to Mother Jones magazine, Jackson has received $20,000 from the National Organization for Marriage's "education fund" for his efforts to exploit the opinions of those in the black community who do not agree with marriage equality.

In addition, in 2010, Jackson attempted to get a measure on the ballot opposing marriage equality in D.C. In pursuit of that effort, he led the group Stand for Marriage DC.  According to documents attained by Mother Jones magazine, NOM gave $60,000 for that effort.

So apparently phony civil rights activist William Owens isn't the only black pastor NOM has in its back pocket in its attempt to sabotage President Obama's African-American support.

One wonders if Harry Jackson is NOM's "secret weapon." After all, he is bought and paid for to tune of $80,000.

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Mykelb said...

Such nonsense. When Batshit Jackson can prove there is a diety with scientific proof, he can then make his outrageous claims. Until then, he's just another fakir with his hand in your wallet.