Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Anti- gay pastor - 'It wears me out to see two men together. It does something to me'

I took these clips from my blogging buddy friend (and the Arn Anderson to my Tully Blanchard), Jeremy Hooper:

I know that I am supposed to get angry at the words of Southern Baptists of Texas Convention President Terry Turner, but I can't.

They are simply too funny. I can just picture gay men in the church, whether they be behind him in the choir stands or in the pews, secretly laughing to themselves because of unintentional Freudian slip of his words.

And check out the urgency in his voice when he talks about how wrong it is for gays and lesbians to be together. It would be another thing that should get me angry, but I can just picture two black women talking to each other on the phone:

"Please? That queen? Who is he trying to kid?"

or even better:

" I don't know who he is trying to condemn. Like we don't know his son is dating so-and-so."

Turner underscores the hypocrisy in some black churches about the gay community. We sing in choirs, we are deacons, usher board members, even pastors and no one is naive about who we are. But publicly, we are reviled.

So how do lgbts of color deal with it, you ask? How do we deal with the conflicted feelings of loving our religion and our church while having to deal with homophobic leaders?

Here is a big secret - People like Turner make it so easy for us sometimes with their stridency because they give us so much to laugh at.

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Penny Marie Sautereau said...

Funny, I would've pegged Jeremy as the Dennis Condry to your Bobby Eaton.


BlackTsunami said...

Tully and Arn were cooler, Penny. LOL