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Gary Bauer - the anti-gay talking head who undermined the fight against HIV/AIDS in the Reagan Administration

Gary Bauer
The late President Reagan gets a lot of deserved flack for his negligence in the early days of the AIDS crisis. Today, we learned that there needs to be some flack dispensed around because Reagan isn't the only person in his Administration who needs to be called to the carpet.

According to Right Wing Watch:

Anyone who is familiar with Gary Bauer's anti-gay extremism will not be surprised to learn that his bigotry goes way back. Just in time for World AIDS Day, we now know that when Bauer was working in the Reagan White House, he fought hard to keep gay people off the nation’s first AIDS commission.

Right Wing Watch published part of a memo he sent to Reagan regarding this:

 3. Millions of Americans try to raise their children to believe that homosexuality is immoral. In many states homosexual practices are illegal, including sodomy. For you to appoint a known homosexual to a Presidential Commission will give homosexuality a stamp of acceptability. It will drive a wedge between us and many of our socially conservative supporters. 

4. While it is true that homosexuals have been major victims of AIDS, they are also responsible for its spread. Recent students show the average gay man with AIDS has had over 150 different sexual partners in the previous 12 months. 

Bauer proposed instead appointing a relative of someone with AIDS, or a caregiver, or as a last resort, a “reformed” homosexual: “that is, someone not currently living a gay life style. We have identified several individuals that meet that criteria.”

 In the end, Reagan ignored Bauer’s pleadings and appointed Frank Lilly, an openly gay geneticist, to the Presidential Commission on the HIV Epidemic.

Right Wing Watch also goes on to say that Bauer undermined the fight against HIV/AIDS in the Reagan Administration by keeping then Surgeon General C. Everett Koop from gaining access to the Reagan and the cabinet after the president asked Koop to prepare a report on AIDS.

Bauer’s role as an anti-gay zealot in the Reagan White House was also revealed in "Faith in the Halls of Power: How Evangelicals Joined the American Elite" by D. Michael Lindsay.

As Kyle reported back in 2010, the book says Bauer interfered with the efforts of Surgeon General C. Everett Koop when he was tasked with drafting a report on AIDS for President Reagan:

 [In 1986] President Reagan asked the surgeon general to prepare a report on AIDS as the United States confirmed its ten-thousandth case. Leaders of the evangelical movement did not want Koop to write the report, nor did senior White House staffers who shared Koop's evangelical convictions. As Dr. Koop related to me, "Gary Bauer [Reagan's chief advisor on domestic policy] ... was my nemesis in Washington because he kept me from the president. He kept me from the cabinet and he set up a wall of enmity between me and most of the people that surrounded Reagan because he believed that anybody who had AIDS ought to die with it. That was God's punishment for them." 

It is also worth knowing that after leaving the Reagan Administration, Bauer became the first president of an anti-gay group we all know well - the Family Research Council. Under Bauer's leadership, the organization created an ugly catalogue of homophobic lies and cherry-picked science which eventually led it to be designated in 2010 as an anti-gay hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Bauer is presently involved in the  Campaign for Working Families and Our American Values; two organization which supposedly works for "family values and faith."  Bauer is also looked upon as one of the leading voices of the conservative evangelical movement.

In my eyes, Bauer has taken his place amongst such notables as 'Bloody Mary' Tudor, Tomas de Torquemada, and others whose manic religious zeal and self-righteous mindset caused untold chaos to a host of innocents.

To some folks, maybe I am being a bit hyperbolic. Perhaps, but then again perhaps not.  I remember when HIV/AIDS came on the scene and began knocking down members of the lgbt community like a goddamn hurricane. I remember the ugly things people said about those affected by HIV/AIDS, such as when columnist Pat Buchanan said that nature was reaping retribution on the gay community.

And I remember, even though I was too young to take part in, the demand that Reagan address this issue. No one knows what would have happened had Reagan addressed the HIV/AIDS crisis sooner than he did. But it is rather nauseating and disturbing that there was someone in his cabinet who worked to undermine the fight against HIV/AIDS because he felt that those affected "deserved" what they got.

So what can be done with this knowledge of Bauer's "activities?" Just a simple word of mouth. Don't let it be forgotten. Tell the story. Repeat the story. Shine a spotlight on the story every chance you get. 

History will not be kind to Gary Bauer, so long as we have something to do with it.

'Atlanta fire chief suspended over anti-gay book' & other Tuesday midday news briefs

The Perfect Ex-Gay Christmas Gift - A gag gift guaranteed to make you "gag."

Clerks object to issuing same-sex marriage license - Someone needs to do their jobs or move out of the way. 

 Atlanta fire chief suspended over book controversy - Don't give me any crap about "personal opinion" or "the First Amendment." If you are in a position like this guy, one of the main things is trust. You have to have the trust of your lgbt employees and lgbt constituents you serve. And I don't trust anyone who compares my life to bestiality or pedophilia. 

Read: ADF creates fake 'victim' superbook; misapplies business matters to churches - Speaking of fake victims, enjoy this book full of them.  

Thanksgiving Arguments: How To Talk To Your Evangelical Uncle About Marriage Equality - I would have said bash him over the head with the turkey but apparently we don't do things like that . . .

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Gay men have over 20,000 sexual partners? Really?

One of the saddest things about fighting stereotypes is no matter how much you achieve, said stereotypes don't go away. In fact, they get repeated with force and volume.

As an African-American, I've dealt with being called lazy, criminal-minded and stupid more times than I can count.

As a gay man, I've had to deal with the following, courtesy of Right Wing Watch:

Lord Christopher Monckton, a columnist for the far-right WorldNetDaily, today came to the defense of an Australian politician, Rosalie Crestani, who is trying to pass a law to prevent her local government from mentioning LGBT issues and holding diversity trainings. Monckton, who derisively refers to the LGBT community as “QWERTY,” like the keyboard layout, said that Crestani discovered during a consultation with “an expert in non-heterosexual lifestyles” that “homosexuals had an average of 500-1,000 partners in their sexually active lifetime, and that some had as many as 20,000.” “One wonders how they found time for anything else,” Monckton quips, adding that gay people lead “short, miserable lives” as part of their “deathstyle.

Regardless of what Monckton implies, if gay men did actually have up to 20,000 sex partners, no matter how long or short our lifespans would be, we would NOT be unhappy. I can assure you that. Seriously though, the idea that gay men are oversexed and have an enormous amount of sex is repeated by members of the anti-gay right, even if this idea contradicts a lot of the other things they say about gay men, as Monckton demonstrates as he continues to ruminate about alleged gay sexual habits:
As the experts she has consulted have pointed out, the QWERTYs – who represent about 0.5 percent of the population – have brilliantly promoted themselves by carefully shifting the debate away from what homosexuals actually do to each other (just ask any proctologist: all of them are heartily sick of trying to repair the gross damage caused by deviant sexual practices) and on to “celebrating” what is misleadingly presented as a “valid alternative lifestyle.” 

How in the world can gays be 0.5 percent of the population and be having all of this sex? And just what proctologists did Monckton consult? The man is lying through his teeth. And he proves something awful about anti-gay stereotypes. No matter how many times they are refuted, they are constantly repeated. The following is from an anti-gay comic published in the 1980s, which I have featured several times.  It pretty much says the same thing Monckton does:

It's easy to laugh at this stuff now. But don't. Though, with the exception of folks like Matt Barber, Linda Harvey, Peter LaBarbera,  Brian Camenker, and Bryan Fischer, the vast majority of the anti-gay right wouldn't dare to overtly repeat this mess, we should remember how successful such stereotypes were decades ago when they were repeated openly and we should also remember how successful they are now when repeated in places like Uganda and Russia when enterprising homophobes exploited religious beliefs to attach such awful images to the idea that homosexuality is a sin.

That's why when we read things like what Monckton wrote, we can't be quick to laugh or be nonchalant about it. Stereotypes are generally used to hurt people and they aren't hurting you, you can bet they are hurting someone else.

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' Anti-gay #DefendtheDuggars twitter campaign backfires' & other Monday midday news briefs

Religious Conservatives' Attempt To #DefendTheDuggars Backfires Hysterically - And the moral is if you are known for conducting boycotts, your defending something against a boycott by labeling your opposition as opponents of free speech will bite you in the ass. 

In prep for Pope's 2015 visit, World Meeting of Families readies gay stigma, exclusion - Mercy! Give us all strength!  

For Most Gays, The Golden Years Are Looking Something Less Than Golden: VIDEO - Which is an issue we need to address.  

Evangelical 'Kingmaker' Working To Vote 1000 Christian Pastors Into Political Office - 'Bloody Mary' Tudor and Torquemada would be very proud.  

Fischer: Impeachment Campaign Should Copy The Gay Rights Movement - What?!

'Religious freedom' bills will be next chapter in anti-gay discrimination

In the 50s and 60s, they said we were perverts who ought to be jailed.

In the 70s, they said we recruit children.

In the 80s, they said we were diseased freaks who run around catching AIDS.

In the 90s, they said we wanted "special rights."

In the 2000s, they said we wanted to redefine marriage.

Now they claim we are trying to put Christians out of business and jail them.

According to Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, those against marriage equality aren't wasting any time plotting their next move. In fact, they see the victories for marriage equality as a gateway to allow discrimination against gays on  larger scale:

Most state legislatures don’t come back into session for a few months, yet legislators are already announcing their intent to introduce so-called “religious freedom” bills for 2015. These bills would introduce identical or even broader versions of the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA)—the law that was distorted to allow corporations like Hobby Lobby to use religion to ignore the Affordable Care Act’s contraception mandate. Legislators are advocating for these bills by claiming they will create broad religious exemptions from nondiscrimination laws.

AU strongly believes in religious freedom and appropriately tailored religious accommodations. Despite the fact that these bills claim to protect religious freedom, in reality they are a threat to civil rights. The language in these bills is too broad and unclear, and could open the door for serious and even harmful unintended consequences, including nullifying discrimination, public safety, and health laws.

Several states pushed RFRA bills in 2014, but experienced passionate backlash from civil rights groups and the business community: even the NFL threatened to change the location of the 2015 Super Bowl if the RFRA bill passed in Arizona. The bill still passed the legislature, but Governor Brewer thankfully vetoed it.

At least five states have announced religious freedom bills for the upcoming session: Georgia, Michigan, Texas, North Carolina, and Utah.

Read the rest of the article to see the progress of those laws and count on the number of states to grow. This will be the next chapter of the so-called culture war and if the lgbt community is smart, we won't be caught napping . . . this time.


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'Anti-gay group demonstrates its hypocrisy on boycotts' & other Friday midday news briefs

One of America's most anti-gay organizations rallies for the Duggars; because of course they would - The irony of the week: the American Family Association, the group famous for wanting things taken off the air, whines about others wanting something off the air.  

A new, harsher version of Uganda’s anti-gay law could effectively make all gay and lesbian people homeless - Oh Good LORD, Uganda! 
Ninth Circuit rejects Alaska’s appeal for 11-judge review of gay marriage ruling - Like I said to SC Attorney General Alan Wilson, "give it up, turn it loose."  

Gambian Leader Signs Law Imposing Life Imprisonment for Homosexual Acts Amid New Crackdown - In the Motherland, some folks are acting like real "muthers."

 ACLU to amend lawsuit to force Kansas agencies to recognize same-sex marriages - Even though he was re-elected after practically wrecking his state's economy (something I STILL can't figure out), one would think that Gov. Sam Brownback would have more pressing concerns than to be a complete jerk to Kansas same-sex couples who fairly won the right to be married.  

5 Ways The President’s Plan On Immigration Helps LGBT Immigrants - What Obama did last night IS in part an lgbt issue.  

Daubenmire: Christians Can Never Compromise On Allowing Gays To 'Come Out Of The Closet' - I just had to post this because of the audacity. "Allow us to come out of the closet?" Lord, please help me to remember that this is a "clean" blog cause if I forget, I got some choice words for Daubenmire I haven't used in YEARS.!

Repost - Message to the religious right - this isn't just about marriage, it's about history

Just a simple repost this morning. I wrote this in  2008 in the wake of our stunning Prop 8 defeat. It was the response to conservative claims that our anger after that loss was due to the fact that we were being lawless crybabies.

Our anger was not a product of lawlessness but from years of psychological, mental, and physical abuse by those who did not see us as equals. As you can read by this link, the post received the most comments of anything I ever wrote:

Message to the religious right - this isn't just about marriage, it's about history

I keep hearing all of this nonsense about us lgbts attacking people, about us using intimidation and violence to oppress people, about us somehow being ugly aggressors. Newt Gingrich (who wrote the book on deceptive messaging during his tenure in the U.S. House of Representatives) actually accused us of being "secular fascists." Gingrich's attack on us seem to be the prevailing theme with those on the other side of the Proposition 8 argument.

And I think there needs to be some historical perspective on this matter.

 True, Proposition 8 has galvanized our community. We have become a bit more politically engaged in our anger. That is a good thing. However, any display of violence on either side of the argument should never be tolerated.

Nor should letting the religious right frame the moment. I have a few questions to people like Newt Gingrich, Bill O’Reilly, Chuck Norris, Gary Bauer, Peter LaBarbera and the rest who are trying to push this "gay intimidation" image.

Where were you in the late 1970s when Anita Bryant accused us of trying to “recruit” children?

Where were you in 1983 when Paul Cameron accused gay men of stuffing gerbils up our rectums and castrating children? Or afterwards when he went from state to state pushing his phony research papers all designed to make us the boogiemen of American society?

Where were you when Jerry Falwell exploited the AIDS crisis to generate more money for the Moral Majority? Or when those dying of AIDS were cast out of their communities and excommunicated from their churches?

Where were you when Colorado passed that law in 1992 that basically said cities in the state had absolutely no right to protect gays and lesbians from discrimination?

Where were you when over the course of 20 years all of those phony “pro-family” groups told lies in front of federal and congressional state houses in attempts to beat back pro-gay laws or spread discredited research that gave “upstanding, moral” families the perfect excuse to put their gay sons and daughters out on the cold streets?

Where were you when organizations like Concerned Women for America, the Family Research Council, the Traditional Values Coalition, and Focus on the Family unconsciously gave reasoning for groups of roaming thugs to bash our heads in, chase us out in heavy traffic, beat us to bloody pulps with nail embedded boards, and hang us from fences on dark and lonely roads?

How is it that you can dare call us aggressive when for over 30 years, you have done everything in your power to make America hate and fear us?

How it is that you can dare infer that we don't have a right to get just a tad angry when for over 30 years, you have done everything in your power to make us hate and fear ourselves?

Every lie, every indignity, every attempt to dehumanize the lgbt community has brought us to this point. The Proposition 8 vote was the last straw in a chain of indignities that stretch as long as Jacob's ladder.

This ain’t just about marriage. Nor is this a single moment in time.

We are not the aggressors. We are learning to fight back.

When I was coming out, it wasn’t the fact that I was gay that bothered me more than the knowledge that so many had already written my life for me; told me who I was, what I liked, what I didn’t like, and even where I was going after I died. Worst of all, they had the nerve to tell me that I had absolutely no rights to the words "values," "family," "tradition," or "honor."

 And you know what the saddest thing about this is? I was not alone.

Hundreds of thousands of lgbts went through the same experience. It was our "rite of passage." So while I may not have a media spin machine behind me and therefore very few will give a damn about what I say, while I may not be a member of a religious think tank who is presently working to use this moment to again dehumanize lgbts, and while I may not be considered as a "leading gay talking head," I am an American, a human being, and a child of God.

Therefore, I will never forget what has brought me to this point of outrage. And I will do my best to make sure that this country never forgets either. Lastly, I will do my best to make sure that YOU never forget.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Not forgetting our marriage equality struggles in the midst of our victories

We are celebrating the continued expansion of marriage equality across the country and (for the really meaner folks) how the National Organization for Marriage is falling fast down the pit of irrelevancy (and when they reach the bottom, I think we should bulldoze a lot of stuff in it and bury them), but let's not forget that the struggle for marriage equality and lgbt equality in general is not over. Let's also not forget where we came from, i.e. how certain views were of the mainstream and how these views contributed to NOM's past success.

With that in mind, I am showcasing two commercials which ran during NOM's initially successful attempt to ban marriage equality in California via Prop 8 in 2008. The second commercial is very interesting because  for all of their inspired rhetoric, the folks involved in that commercial, particularly Rev. Miles McPherson, refused to testify during the trial which eventually overturned Prop 8:

'SC Attorney General loses final attempt to stop marriage equality' & other Thursday midday news briefs

Transgender Day of Remembrance: A Day to Honor the Dead and the Living - First and foremost, let us honor those who are no longer with us as well celebrate, mentor, and inspire those who are still with us.  

U.S. Supreme Court decision paves way for same-sex marriage in SC -  
So this battle ends 
not with the thundering of the troops 
or the clashing of armor 
and soulless bodies, departed spirits headed to their Maker 
But with the inevitable acquiesce of the acceptance of love 
over ignorance. 

RFRA Madness: What’s Next for Anti-Democratic ‘Religious Exemptions’ - But do not be fooled and don't celebrate too quickly. We made that mistake after the overturning of the sodomy laws. Say hello to the new chapter in the 'culture wars.' 

NOM CRATERS: Funding for Anti-LGBT National Organization For Marriage Drops by Over 50% - Even though I am a strong proponent of "beating the arrows on the floor until they are consumed," (It's a Biblical reference. Look it up) I can't help but to be absolutely thrilled over this.  

This Right-Wing Legal Powerhouse Wants To Make Gay Sex Illegal - I fail to see how this group can call itself the "Alliance Defending Freedom."

Arkansas rally demonstrates why marriage equality is winning

In Arkansas yesterday,  reality tv personality Josh Duggar led a rally against marriage equality which clashed with supporters. This took place because today, there will be court deliberations about the Arkansas anti-marriage equality law.

That's something interesting to remember, particularly when one hears the arguments from rally attendees as to why the law shouldn't be overturned.  At the most, their earnest, yet clueless overtures give perfect reason why these laws are being overturned in places as diverse as South Carolina, New Jersey, Virginia, North Carolina, etc.

In layman's terms, these laws were passed with wide emotional appeal but with no clue as to how they can be proven as constitutional in a court of law:

KATV - Breaking News, Weather and Razorback Sports

Hat tip to Goodasyou.org

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Two things which made me smile today

It's been a good day. Two things especially caught my attention:

My buddies Sheila Morris and Teresa Williams got their license today in Richland County. I don't think anyone can blame Sheila for being a bit emotional.
And then there is Montana:

Montana's ban on same-sex marriage was struck down Wednesday afternoon by a federal judge who called the ban unconstitutional. U.S. District Judge Brian Morris did not stay his injunction, which means state officials could begin issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples immediately. In 2004, Montana voters passed an amendment to the state Constitution defining marriage as between one man and one woman. In his ruling, Morris said that amendment violated the Equal Protection Clause in the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and barred Montana from enforcing it.

All in all, not a bad day.

'South Carolina marries first gay couple, gives out same-sex marriage licenses' & other Wednesday midday news briefs.

Breaking: First Same-Sex Couple Marries In South Carolina As State Petitions SCOTUS - Dear Attorney General Alan Wilson, you are just going to have to move out the way since you can't get along with the situation.

 1st same-sex marriage licenses issued in South Carolina - And it's not the only one either.  

First Openly Gay NBA Player Jason Collins Announces Retirement - Thank you Jason for making history.  

Tyler James Williams: Media Portrayals Of Black Men Feed Black Homophobia - This is true. Black gay men are portrayed as fey and "non-threatening." And I personally resent that. I try to be as threatening as possible. You should see my "black thug" face. I tried to droop my pants, but it ain't gonna happen, bub. Especially not with a caboose this big. 

 #Humanum Day Two: How many ways can you dismiss gay lives? - Meanwhile, the Vatican is continuing its association with anti-gay figures.  

WHOA! Mark Regnerus made the #Humanum conference videos - First discredited research. Now bad videos. Apparently the Catholic Church has learned NOTHING since that Galileo situation. Something nasty is coming our way and I say bring it on. My hair is wrapped up, I got my tennis shoes on, my face is greased, and I got my windmill fighting technique on point.

SC Attorney General uses last trick to stop marriage equality from coming to Palmetto State

Hold up on the praise dance. South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson is going to the outer limits to keep marriage equality away from the Palmetto State. According to lgbt journalist Chris Geidner:

South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson on Tuesday evening asked Chief Justice John Roberts to stop same-sex couples from being able to marry in the state beginning Thursday. Wilson is seeking a stay during his appeal of a trial court ruling from last week that the state’s ban on same-sex couples’ marriages is unconstitutional. 

The application, which Roberts can decide on his own or refer to the full court for resolution, was filed just hours after the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals denied a similar request.

The trial court judge put his Nov. 12 ruling on hold until noon Thursday, Nov. 20, and the state had asked the 4th Circuit and now the Supreme Court to keep that ruling on hold during its appeal.
Since the justices turned down five states’ requests on Oct. 6 to take a marriage case appeal — including a decision from the 4th Circuit striking down Virginia’s marriage ban — the justices have, on three occasions, turned down requests to issue stays of lower court rulings during appeals. This includes one, in Kansas, since the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld four other states’ bans.

Now, however, with requests in from the plaintiffs in those four states’ cases asking the Supreme Court to take one or more of the appeals and resolve the question, Wilson is hoping that he can get a stay issued from the court to stop the trial court ruling from going into effect Thursday.

For Pete's sake. Wilson can continue to bang his head against a brick wall. However why does he continue to use taxpayer money to do it? He has lost the battle and would be better served to not act like Pickett during the Battle of Gettysburg.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

IT'S OVER - South Carolina can begin marrying same-sex couples on Thursday

While members of the religious right are in Rome acting the fool in front of the Pope, in America marriage equality has crossed a HUGE plateau down South:

The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals today denied the State of South Carolina’s motion to stay last week’s U.S. District Court ruling striking down the state’s discriminatory marriage ban, setting the stage for marriages to begin for same-sex couples at noon on Thursday, Nov. 20.

South Carolina’s Attorney General filed a motion for an emergency stay to delay marriages following a ruling by the U. S. District Court for the District of South Carolina striking down the state’s discriminatory marriage ban in accordance with the Fourth Circuit’s earlier decision striking down a similar ban in Virginia.

"The end game is clear - marriage will soon be available for same-sex couples in South Carolina. This is a great victory for same-sex couples and their families because it removes one more hurdle to finally walking down the aisle," said Beth Littrell, Senior Attorney in Lambda Legal’s Southern Regional Office based in Atlanta.

“We urge the Attorney General to stop trying to delay the inevitable - their actions are damaging to families they were elected to protect,” said South Carolina Equality lawyer Malissa Burnette, partner at Callison Tighe & Robinson.

“We are ecstatic as we get ready to go pick up our license at Noon on Thursday,” said Lambda Legal client Colleen Condon.

In honor of the inevitable and for those who fought hard for marriage equality in South Carolina, some praise shouting:


'Vicious homophobia replaces 'good will' at the Vatican' & other Tuesday midday news briefs

AG Wilson, same-sex Charleston couple on legal collision course in 4th Circuit - headed to U.S. Supreme Court? - We all knew that attaining marriage equality in South Carolina would be one hell of a fight. That's what it's shaping up to be. Come on, Mr. Wilson. Give it up, turn it loose. 

#Humanum speaker accuses gay activists of hijacking civil rights movement; 'God will not be mocked!' - Girlfriend, you can run that line about "highjacking" until you are blue in the face. And speaking of mocking God, you all are getting mighty close to it. 

 #Humanum at the Vatican: Courting inequality at expense of goodwill - Looks like to the Pope, vicious homophobia equals "good will."  

Jim Garlow: Religious 'Onslaught' Needed To Fight 'Demonic' Gay Marriage - And Garlow is just one guest at the Vatican.

 15 same-sex couples marry in mass legal ceremony in Sedgwick County - Victories like this should happen all of the time.  

Myths About Transition Regrets - A very good friend of mine, Brynn Tannehill, dispels some ugly myths about our transgender brothers and sisters.

Children should never be props for homophobia

In this fight over marriage equality, the most disturbing thing to me is how folks affiliated with the National Organization for Marriage, the Heritage Foundation, and other so-called pro-family groups have no problem exploiting children as props for homophobia.

What I mean by that is typified by a  talking point they all use:

All children have a right to a mother and a father.

It's a short, but powerful statement which they have used to define their side of the issue. It has also been a battle cry which they have used to rally their supporters.

But it is also fiendishly deceptive statement which typifies the lack of reality encompassing opponents of marriage equality.

First of all, by the statement, it is implied that every time gays adopt children or have children, we are depriving children of something, that we are taking their rights away, that we are harming children.

It is implied that we are so selfish that we are willing to put children in a state which will lead them constantly disadvantaged.

To me as a gay man, that is totally offensive.  And it is a lie.

However, more importantly, the statement that "all children have a right to a mother and a father" deliberately ignores the reality that all children do have mothers and fathers.

You see, when NOM, the Heritage Foundation, etc. start talking about families, they mean only one concept of family. A man and a woman joined together and raising children. While there is nothing wrong with this concept, to heavily imply that this is the only concept that matters in terms of family is dangerous.

These organizations ignore the fact that sometimes the mother/father setting may not be the best place for the child, i.e. some mothers and fathers have no business raising children. These organizations also conveniently ignore single parent households, children being raised by relatives.  And more importantly, orphans and especially children in the foster care system.

One can imagine how better the world would be if these so-called pro-family groups would used their skills, money, and influence to find permanent homes for orphans and children in foster care instead of attacking families for not fitting into their narrative.

Unfortunately though, one gets the impression that they don't care about these children or any families they can't exploit for their narrative.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Media fails to hold Tony Perkins, Family Research Council accountable for homophobia

Tony Perkins
Let's get real for a second.

The only reason why Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council has the reputation (undeserved) of a normal Christian leader is because the media is slack in calling him out for the myriad of times he and his organizations have defamed, demonized, and outright lied on the lgbt community.

And it seems to me that another reason is because the lgbt community isn't holding the media - especially OUR media - accountable for this.

Case in point is something he retweeted today.

As many of you already know, Perkins is in the Vatican as one of the invited guests of Pope Francis. He and others, including Maggie Gallagher and Brian Brown of the National Organization for Marriage is "discussing" their view of marriage, a view which of course omits the lgbt community.

There were others invited, including an Archbishop Nicholas Okoh from Nigeria. Perkins really liked him. He even retweeted a statement Okoh made:

Bear in mind, this is the SAME Archbishop Okoh who supports Nigeria's viciously brutal anti-gay laws.

According to Right Wing Watch, he also called gays "manifestations of the devil."

Of course the bigger question is what in the hell is someone like that doing being invited to have an audience with the Pope. But for the purposes of how Perkins likes to constantly harp on how Christians are being persecuted in Ammerica, further questions about his support of Okoh's statement needs to be asked of him.

Most likely these questions won't be asked.  The lgbt community call him a bigot and make jokes about how he is secretly gay. Meanwhile, Perkins will go on Fox News where Megyn Kelly and  company will treat him like a legitimate Christian leader. And they will be very sure to let him control the conversation and not even mention Okoh.

And to me, that's just so damn scandalous, it turns my stomach. 

But I simply have to ask. Am I the only one?

'Anti-gay leader Tony Perkins says something extra stupid' & other Monday midday news briefs

At least three NOM personalities at Vatican #Humanum conference - So the Pope has invited, amongst others, three members of NOM and the Family Research Council's Tony Perkins to attend a Vatican meeting on marriage. Am I right to be a bit paranoid as to the outcome? 

Tony Perkins: Normalization of 'Inappropriate' Homosexuality In US Causing Worldwide Anti-Christian Persecution - Speaking of Tony Perkins, he is claiming that the United States's pro-lgbt stance is causing other countries to persecute Christians because they are not in favor of the United States's pro-lgbt stance . . . I think.  

Michigan Tells Court That 300 Same-Sex Couples’ Marriages Are Void - And the nominees for SOBs of the year are . . .  

How the Religious Right Scams Its Way Onto the New York Times Bestseller List - EVERY issue involving the religious right sooner or later has an effect on the lgbt community.  

France's Sarkozy, Thrice Married, Plans Presidential Run To Repeal Gay Marriage - This is just beyond cold blooded.

Arizona wedding chapel's discrimination legal, owners still whine about 'persecution'

This is rich. A wedding chapel in Arizona which holds religious and non-religious weddings turns down a lesbian couple. The wedding chapel is well within its rights according to state law and the lesbian couple will not pursue legal action, but do bring up a good point of the chapel not posting anything about hold same-sex marriages.

So why is the owner of the chapel still furious? Because the lesbian couple chose to take the story to the media. Cue the "War on those who believe in Jesus" crap.  It's bad enough that some businesses do not want to cater to the lgbt community. But when they get angry when that fact is known, the situation becomes highly surreal:

Related post - Before the anti-gay movement makes Arizona wedding officiant their next martyr...