Friday, May 27, 2016

'Are lgbts trying to everyone gay?' & other Fri. midday news briefs

Yes, Queer People Are Absolutely Trying To Turn Everyone Gay And Here’s Why - Lgbts are not trying to "gay up" everything. We are like Robert DeNiro in "Angel Heart." The world is already ours and we are simply waiting on everyone to realize this fact.

Michigan Republicans Scramble To Prove Their Anti-Transgender Credentials - Oh the poor babies!  

Report: Islamic State executes another teenager for homosexuality - We face hell all over the world, but we will win. Good always wins eventually.  

10 Things You Wanted To Know About HIV But Were Too Afraid To Ask - Information which is need by both the lgbt and heterosexual communities. 

 Michigan Father Pulls Three Sons Out of Public School Over Transgender Rights (Video) - Shifting from the "my daughters will be in danger" lie to "my sons are embarrassed" nonsense.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Vermont becomes fifth state to ban 'gay conversion therapy' for minors

Vermont Governor. Peter Shumlin
While our minds have been concentrating on other things, something positive happened in Vermont Wednesday.

From the office of Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin:

 At a time when some states are working to erode hard-fought advances in civil rights for the LGBT community, Gov. Peter Shumlin today signed a law to advance them in Vermont by banning the dangerous and discredited practice of conversion therapy. The new law bans the practice of seeking to change a minor's sexual orientation or gender identity in the State of Vermont.

"It's absurd to think that being gay or transgender is something to be cured of," Gov. Shumlin said. "Our country has come a long way in a short period of time in recognizing the civil rights of members of the LGBT community, and I am so proud that Vermont has taken a leadership role at every step of the way. At a time when the rights of LGBT individuals are under attack in other parts of the country, Vermont will continue to stand up to hatred and bigotry and show the rest of the country what tolerance, understanding, and common humanity look like."

Conversion therapy has been widely discredited by the scientific community. A 2015 report from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) "found that variations in sexual orientation and gender identity are normal, and that conversion therapies or other efforts to change sexual orientation or gender identity are not effective, are harmful, and are not appropriate therapeutic practices."
Vermont joins California, Illinois, New Jersey, Oregon, and Washington, D.C. in enacting a law to ban conversion therapy. Earlier this year, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced regulations to ban public and private insurers from covering the practice.

The ban on conversion therapy takes effect July 1, 2016.

Five states down. Forty-five more to go. And we will make it a reality.

Related article - QUACKS: 'Conversion Therapists,' the Anti-LGBT Right, and the Demonization of Homosexuality

'Silly, pathetic black pastors grandstand for HB2' & other Thur. midday news briefs

Black pastors rally support for HB2, saying LGBT rights are not civil rights - As a black gay man, i always find it funny and sad when some of my own people deny their own. They seem to think that HB2 affects white gays. Black lgbts will also be affected. Of course they know this but will ignore it, just as they ignore the presence of black lgbts in the civil rights movement. It wasn't just heterosexual African-Americans being lynched, forced to live under segregation and having their dignity degraded. Nor was it solely heterosexual African-Americans who fought against such treatment. Bayard Rustin, James Baldwin, Lorraine Hansberry, and so many black gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people stood up and fought for equality. 

 Also, I find it very hypocritical for some of these black pastor to try and take the mantle of holiness. The group of pastors featured in the video (included in the link above) includes Patrick Wooden, a man who once said that gay men are forced to wear diapers because we have too much sex and won't wait for our "surgeries" to heal:

THIS is the caliber of the black "pastors" who support HB2. 

In other news: 
Gawker Didn’t ‘Out’ Peter Thiel — Nor Did It Wrong Him in Any Way - Paypal may not support HB2, but what its owner is doing could have NASTY consequences for the lgbt community. A man who stands to hurt his own people is not a man.  

The False Premise Texas Is Using To Challenge Transgender Protections - Lies told to scare voters NEVER do well in court. 

 How The Story Of A 17-Year-Old Bisexual Schoolgirl Is Being Misrepresented By The Government - Apparently other countries have religious right figures who are skilled at smearing lgbts.  

How Did You Build Your Family As An LGBT Couple? - This story is a wonderful purge from all of the negativity.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The time a transgender woman TOTALLY SHUT DOWN a Family Research Council spokesperson

How in the heck did I miss THIS clip?

No doubt the Family Research Council will be happy as a pig in mud over the news that 11 states filed a lawsuit against the Obama Administration over the president's trans-inclusive directive.

Allow me to poke some holes in their sails courtesy of a clip from an episode earlier this year (March) of the Dr. Drew talk show. The host and his guests were discussing HB2 and transgender pilot Jessica Taylor did what a lot of us need to do. Seeing her chance, she called out Peter Sprigg of the anti-lgbt hate group the Family Research Council about the lies people like him tell about the transgender community, especially when it comes to public restrooms.

What you are about to see is what happens when members of anti-lgbt groups face the people they demonize. To put it lightly, "Jessica handed Sprigg his ass"

'KKK exploiting anti-transgender fear to recruit' & other Wed. midday news briefs'

Nyle DiMarco
 KKK Is Using Trans Bathroom Controversy To Recruit New Members - To those who claim that you cannot compare even the basics of the transgender movement (or the lgbt movement in gender) for equality to the African-American civil rights movement, isn't it a SHAME that the enemies of equality don't share that same point of view . . .

Nyle DiMarco makes history as Dancing With The Stars' first LGBTI winner - In matters of positive visibility, this is a a serious achievement. 

How A Conservative Law Firm Convinced A School System To Gamble On An Anti-Transgender Policy - Like a Twilight Zone episode I once saw "He's Alive," the anti-lgbt hate group Alliance Defending Freedom plays on the fears and desires of gullible school districts, causing them to damage themselves in court and then repeat the cycle in other places. Or if that example is too intense, then just think of the Shakespeare play "Othello" and guess who is Othello and who is Iago.  

Ed board to 'follow state lead' on transgender policy - And Mississippi takes back a positive step it made. Stupid. 

 San Francisco 49ers Slam North Carolina’s Anti-Queer Law - And THEN donated 75,000 to Equality North Carolina, something which I think should be the headline.

Anti-gay groups create false sense of Christian entitlement

There are times that we concentrate so much on how anti-lgbt groups exploit fear that we fail to mention how they play on their followers' sense of entitlement. As seen by a passage from a fundraising letter by American Family Association president Tim Wildmon, anti-lgbt groups, playing on religious egos is a huge part of their unfortunate appeal:

Certainly, we have had our national problems, as human institutions always have had and always will have. But America, for most of her history, has held to the Judeo-Christian value system to guide our path of understanding and govern our social morals. We used to teach our children love of country, respect for authority, and the Ten Commandments in school, at home, and in church. Not too long ago, we had reverence for the things of God. Today open sacrilege is the norm, especially in popular culture. We think we can make up our own truth instead of submitting to the truth of Scripture. 

If Wildmon was an African-American, I doubt he would be pushing such a false idea of how America was. But this false notion that folks like him worship a "true faith" and that America was built for folks like them while  the rest of us are who don't believe as they do are only here at Wildmon and company's will and pleasure does wonders to sway folks. And it especially hinders their common sense when others affiliated with the American Family Association begin to act not so Christ-like:

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

'Boycott Target = Street preacher madness' & other Tue midday news briefs

Here is something American Family Association's "Boycott Target" movement did accomplish - a hilarious video compilation of folks screaming in Target stores while being booed by customers and generally wrecking the positive ideas of Christianity. I wonder will this video become as popular as the "Farting Preacher" video (As seen below. You know I simply have to include it): 

In other news: 

 Pedia-trick-cians - Just in case you didn't hear, nails the fraudulent American College of Pediatricians for astroturfing anti-lgbt lies.* (see addendum below) 

DJ Takes Blame for Padres' National Anthem 'Unfortunate Mistake,' Apologizes to Gay Men's Chorus - Far be it from me to pull a deeper meaning out of this, but what the hell. I actually believe this guy and feel kinda sorry for him. I have read that many of my lgbt colleagues aren't buying his apology and that makes me wonder. I recognize their right to disbelieve because we have faced so much nonsense in our lives that we are very guarded when someone seemingly attacks us. But sometimes there are explanations to things like this and as a community, we should be able to sometimes accept someone's apology. 

Why the conservative war against transgender rights is doomed to fail - This article makes wonderful points.  

Church of Scotland votes to allow ministers to be in same-sex marriages - Sweet! 

Addendum - While I am happy that the American College of Pediatricians is being called out in a public way, I am also going to point out that I called them out in 2009 and 2010. Sue me already. It's the "Truman Capote" in me: 

 The American College of Pediatricians and the Laundering of Junk Science

American College of Pediatricians, NARTH pushes new site featuring old anti-gay lies

'Morality' hypocrites defend Roy Moore's attempt to sidestep SCOTUS marriage equality ruling

Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore probably feels like he's always standing alone. But on Saturday, he was anything but, as crowds of people poured out by the judicial building in Montgomery to rally for the popular judge. Three weeks after being suspended from the bench without pay, Roy Moore is fighting the politically motivated charges against him. It all started several months ago, when far-Left extremists filed a complaint with the state's Judicial Inquiry Commission. Why? Because Justice Moore didn't roll over and fall in line after five members of the U.S. Supreme Court forced their definition of marriage on the rest of the country.

That paragraph of  nonsensical jargon is the beginning of the Family Research Council''s defense of disgraced Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore. Moore was suspended for attempting to defy the SCOTUS ruling legalizing marriage equality.

Moore is no martyr just as the Family Research Council is not a Christian organization. Unlike a certain backwoods Kentucky clerk, Moore cannot plead ignorance of our laws. He was fully aware that a SCOTUS decision meant that marriage equality. It's rather pitiful how he attempts to play the victim, aided by groups like the Family Research Council and a recent rally, seen on video below:

Call us demonic all you want. It doesn't matter. What does matter is that lgbts fought and won marriage equality the right way. We went through the proper channels, defended our case, and ultimately proved to SCOTUS that we deserve the right to marry.

As a judge, Moore know of the process but choose to ignore it because of his own desires. Pretty it up all you want to. The fact of the matter is that Moore deserved to be suspended. If he receives worse, he deserves that too.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Boycott Target movement just entered the silly season

I don't care what public front they may put up, I am guessing creators of the Boycott Target movement, the anti-lgbt group the American Family Association, aren't exactly happy right now.

From The Huffington Post:

The ongoing right-wing backlash over Target’s pledge to allow transgender patrons and staff members to use the restrooms which correspond with their gender identity isn’t dying down anytime soon. Faith2Action, a group which calls itself a “pro-active launching pad for the pro-family movement,” now hopes to go a step further by organizing a “Don’t Target Our Daughters Day” protest just four days before the retail giant’s shareholders meeting on June 8. Organizers want to designate Saturday, June 4 to be a “moment to stand together” and warn shoppers about Target’s policy allowing “predators and sex offenders” into women’s restrooms and fitting rooms by protesting outside stores.

You'll notice that Faith2Action says nothing about "our sons" being "targeted." That of course is deliberate because the group is a throwback to the days when anti-lgbt groups used shocking, albeit false, videos to demonize the lgbt community. Videos like the following which announces this event:

Now I know you are asking who would make such an insane video like this.

'When the 'moral right' attacked a transgender kindergartner' & other Mon midday news briefs

Special look - The main thing fueling this hysteria over transgender men, women, and children is how the right is presenting the issue. I took two articles from late April to demonstrate what I mean. They both involve a five-year-old transgender child. One is from the Federalist, a publication affiliated with the Heritage Foundation. The Heritage Foundation has been working steadily to push back against all forms of lgbt equality. The other article is from the progressive Think Progress detailing the entire situation, including how The Heritage Foundation is exploiting the situation:

The Federalist - Minnesota Parents Sue To Get Trans Classes In Kindergarten

Think Progress It Takes A Village To Bully A Transgender Kindergartner

In other news:

School Policy Says It Can Kick Out Students With Gay Parents - This school is a private Christian school so I, at least right, have no problem with it. But the question is does the school want to keep this policy AND have the right to accept tax money?

Gay Choir ‘Humiliated’ During National Anthem At San Diego Padres Game - This situation is justifiably getting a lot of folks upset and we still don't know why or how this awful thing happened.

A taste of Trump’s anti-LGBT judicial choices - I don't care who the Democratic nominee is. If it's not my personal choice, I am still voting for him/her. LGBTs, including myself, worked too damn hard for our progress (including marriage equality) to take a step back. Equality is not a damn chess game. 

Sandy Rios: Openly Gay Army Secretary Can't Lead Men Into Battle - Apparently Rios doesn't know any black gay men. We have been known to whip serious ass. JUST KIDDING, folks! Rios' silly stereotype of gay men is refuted by historical figures such as Alexander the Great and figures now such as Eric Alva.

Religious right defends security guard arrested for assaulting transgender woman

The situation last week involving a security guard being arrested for assaulting a transgender woman who was merely attempting to use the restroom  brought much needed attention to the prejudices and discrimination transgender men and women face.

And leave it to the false news source One News Now (owned and run by the anti-lgbt hate group the American Family Association) to accentuate this point.

How the incident was reported by a legitimate news source, NBC Washington, Channel 4:

D.C. Police have charged a security guard at a Giant grocery store with simple assault after sources say she had a confrontation with a transgender woman who was trying to use the women's restroom.
The guard, who has not been identified, is a special police officer at a Giant store near Third and H streets in northeast D.C.Police confirmed they had arrested her there earlier today for a confrontation in the store, though they did not reveal details of the arrest. News4 spoke with Ebony Belcher, the transgender woman who said she was assaulted by the officer. Belcher, 32, said the woman came into the restroom and told her to get out. She said the officer put her hand on her shoulder and arm, grabbed her and tried to march her out of the store.
This is how  One News Now reported the incident with a few nauseating changes  including mis-gendering the woman and then falsely labeling her as a transgender man. The article in this publication was copied almost word for word from another right-wing publication, LifeSiteNews:

Law enforcement officers in the nation’s capital arrested a female security guard and threatened her with “hate crime” charges for removing a [biological] man — who claims to be a woman — from a women’s restroom.

The woman security guard — whose name was not released — reportedly asked a “transgender” man on Monday at around noon to leave a restroom located inside a Giant store that was designated for women only.

After refusing to comply with the security guard, the 32-year-old male, who identifies himself as “Ebony” Belcher, made a scene, which ended in the guard escorting the man from the Washington, D.C. retail store.

Belcher recounted that the female security guard insisted that his behavior of frequenting the women’s facilities was not allowed by the law in the nation’s capital — at least, yet.

. . .
Tony Pixley — an eyewitness of the incident — claimed that the dispute between the female security guard and the transgender man evolved into a physical altercation inside the store
Then the article adds this bit, which is in accordance to the transgender women = predators talking point the religious right have been pushing:

Many eyewitnesses did not see things the way LGBT activists and the local police department interpreted the event.

One customer who was shopping at Giant at the time of the incident bluntly expressed that the security guard was simply doing her job and protecting the privacy and safety of women and girls using the store’s restroom — as any normal person in her position would do.

“You got a penis — go to the men's bathroom,” Giant shopper Deana Chisholm reasoned when questioned about the incident by the WJLA television station. “If you are born a woman, go to the women's bathroom — period."

Not only does the right substitute truth for spin, but they obviously can't count. Since when one person is "many eyewitnesses?"

Friday, May 20, 2016

Family Research Council caught lying about Charlotte Observer column on HB2

FRC distorts a quote to scare its supporters.

Just a simple lesson in lying brought to you by the Family Research Council.

What is claimed by the Family Research Council:

In a stunning column this week, the (Charlotte Observer) argues that “Girls must overcome ‘discomfort’ of seeing ‘male genitalia’ in locker rooms.” 

What The Charlotte Observer actually said:

Yes, the thought of male genitalia in girls’ locker rooms – and vice versa – might be distressing to some. But the battle for equality has always been in part about overcoming discomfort – with blacks sharing facilities, with gays sharing marriage – then realizing that it was not nearly so awful as some people imagined.

There is nothing in The Charlotte Observer editorial about girls seeing male genitalia. And the passage is definitely taken out of context. Read the column for yourself  and decide.

Some might argue that what The Charlotte Observer actually said is equally distressing. I say if that's the case, then why did FRC feel the need to totally alter the passage ?

'SC blocks SECOND 'bathroom bill' & other Fri midday news briefs

Senate blocks Berkeley bathroom ban - Since, as I said before, South Carolina doesn't seem to be on anyone's radar, you will probably miss the fact that our state Senators blocked SECOND anti-transgender bathroom bill. This was not as major as the first one we defeated, but still just as ornery. 

Conservatives Hope Religious Art Trumps LGBT Protections In New Lawsuit - Attaching the argument of "religious liberty" to bathroom usage. I don't think that's going to work . . . 

 LGBT Activists Arrested During North Carolina Bathroom Law Protest - THIS is getting interesting.

Maroon 5 Stands With Queer Community By Canceling NC Shows - VERY interesting.  

These Photographs Offer A Powerful Glimpse Into The Lives Of The LGBT Community In Bangladesh - We should never take the equality we have for granted.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Family Research Council, Wall Street Journal pushing biased science against trans community

Paul McHugh, the religious right's newest model of junk science.

Those who  read this blog know that I have kept a history of the many times anti-lgbt groups have relied on either junk or cherry-picked science to denigrate the lgbt community and refer to us as diseased "others" out to destroy American society.

Sometimes, other conservative entities aid in this bad endeavor. Today, it's the Wall Street Journal aiding the Family Research Council with its defense of "bathroom bills."  The following is part of an email sent by FRC denigrating Obama because his recent directive to allow transgender students to use bathrooms in accordance to their desired gender identity and also because of the Justice Department's lawsuit against North Carolina for passing that awful HB2 law:

Obviously, the president is trying to move the ball as far down the field for his extreme agenda as he can before leaving office. But if he expected resistance, he certainly didn’t plan for it. “Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick has raised the possibility that his state may forfeit its $10 billion of annual federal funding for its schools,” the Wall Street Journal pointed out
“We hope Texas follows through and is joined by other states. There is more at stake here than sexual identity, not least the self-identity of the United States. The Obama administration’s preoccupation with sex, whether in sophomore year or the fourth grade, raises questions about whether the federal bureaucracies know at all what they are doing on anything resembling the merits… Two years ago on these pages we published ‘Transgender Surgery Isn’t the Solution’ by Johns Hopkins psychiatrist Paul McHugh. In one of the most widely-read pieces we have published, Dr. McHugh pointed out that the idea of gender as subjective ‘personal truth’ has no basis in science. What studies have been done on gender preference also suggest that the belief that these choices result in positive psychological outcomes isn’t proven -- especially for students in grade school. Suddenly, though, U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch has solved the mysteries of gender confusion -- for the whole country.”

Paul McHugh is not a name known by many. Recently though, the religious right and other conservatives have been passing his anti-transgender information as accurate. Of course McHugh has credibility because he is affiliated with John Hops University. However, his information is still flawed because he is biased.

'Fox News edited out discussion of anti-trans legislation from Laverne Cox interview' & other Thur. midday news briefs

Fox News doesn't let up on its transphobia even when interviewing Cox.

Laverne Cox Has A Lot To Say About Anti-Trans Legislation But It Was Cut From Megyn Kelly’s Interview - Just like Fox News and Megyn Kelly. They bend over backwards to indulge groups and people slinging anti-transgender lies but GOD forbid they allow someone be able to respond to that crap.

House Passes Bill That Lets Government Contractors Fire People For Being LGBT - Veto that sumbitch!

 An Alabama lawmaker has the creepiest response to transgender bathroom hysteria - Oh lawd! No! No! No! Now this actually endangers people! 

 United Methodist Church Takes ‘Historic Action’ Toward LGBT Equality - Another article which reiterates the point that the religious right is bogarting the argument of lgbt orientation and religion.  

Anti-Trans Hoaxes On Fake News Websites Are Spiking — And Going Viral - Yes they are and I have seen several of them. It's not funny, folks.