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Know Your LGBT History - Charlie's Angels : 'Angels in Springtime'

One would think that a show like Charlie's Angels would have quite a bit of lesbian innuendo - either positive or negative - but it wasn't the case except for one episode. And even this episode gingerly walked the line in being so careful not to display two villains as a lesbian couple that if you blinked, you would miss the slight clues.

 In the third season episode, "Angels in Springtime," (shown above as a mini-episode), the ladies travel to a women's only health resort to investigate the murder of a former Hollywood actress who was writing a tell-all book.

They run into a number of characters, including fellow former actress Norma (portrayed by Academy Award winner Mercedes McCambridge), bulky and threatening attendant Zora (Nancy Parsons), and resident physician  Dr. Slavin (Joan Hotchkis).

It doesn't take a mind reader to tell that Slavin and Zora are both lesbians. While Parsons openly plays the stereotype of a vicious, muscular maven, Hotchkis underplays her role, dropping hints about pretty women and the evils of men in an exceptionally creepy manner.

Perhaps remembering the controversy which took place earlier a couple of years before due to the very controversial episode of Police Woman, "Flowers of Evil" (one of the first entries in the Know Your LGBT History file), the show is careful not to show the two together and the only hint that they may be a couple is the scene in which Parsons hints that they are working a blackmail scheme on the residents.

But there was one thing which struck me as odd. Both lesbian characters are involved in fight scene with the "angels," and the scenes were so violent that they obviously contained stunt doubles.

Maybe I'm hinting on something that's not there, but I have never seen fight scenes so violent on this show.

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'Online community gives gay man support after awful coming out video' & other Friday midday news briefs

This Guy Was Disowned By His Family For Being Gay So The Internet Raised $50,000 For Him - The story of the young gay man being rejected and attacked on video by his family has a happy ending. 

FRC's Sprigg admits his side put up 'weak defense' in 7th Circuit - Peter Sprigg of the Family Research Council admits that those attempting to defend marriage equality bans in Indiana and Wisconsin did an awful job. Can't you just hear the theme of the Twilight Zone echoing in your ears?

Twins Come Out To Their Parents And Catch It All On Camera - WOW!!  

Ottawa Opera Company Fires Singer For Homophobic Facebook Remarks - In the words of the former boy band, Nysnc: "Bye! Bye! Bye!" 

Barber: Fayetteville Non-Discrimination Ordinance Is Forcing Citizens to Engage In 'A Mass Delusion' - Poor Matt Barber. He is SUCH a bitch.

Jon Stewart calls out the nonsense regarding Michael Sam's 'showering habits'

Thank you Jon Stewart for saying what needs to be said about Michael Sam and this ridiculous situation regarding his "showering habits."

Thursday, August 28, 2014

'Bryan Fischer's silly take on Michael Sam's showering habits' & other Thursday midday news briefs

It’s altogether right for Michael Sam to shower by himself - Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association weighs in on the Michael Sam shower pseudo controversy and it's as bad as you would figure. But Fischer's words (on video which unfortunately he will not allow folks to embed) should be heard because it underscores his dishonesty. I mean no one in their right mind would compare mature adults in a communal shower with a man showering with girls. But then again, Fischer hasn't been in his right mind for years . . . 

Women’s College Opens Doors To Transgender Students - Excellent!  

WATCH: 'Christian' Family's Terrifying Response to Son Coming Out - This is just awful. Just plain AWFUL! '

A Day With HIV 2014' Aims To Break Down HIV Stigma - I LOVE this!

  Daily Caller Column Blames Gay Service Members For Rise In Military Rape - And naturally the writer provides no proof of this. Of course there is proof that he is not accurate in his claims.

#TBT - 'Homosexuality: DEATHSTYLE'

In keeping with the spirit of "Throwback Thursday," I thought I would post about something from way back in the day which is not necessarily a picture of myself per se, but a picture of myself and other lgbts as some folks see us. I've posted it before I figure why not post it again.

It's an ugly thing but very very necessary.

This 1986 comic was created by a man named Dick Hafer and it is a vile representation of some of the most evil anti-gay lies out there.

This is for the many young folks who don't remember what it was like in the 1980s when the AIDS crisis was in full bloom, ignorance was all around and Paul Cameron was a credible name.

It is a representation of how far we have come and how far we have to go. You will recognize how some of the same arguments are still being used, although not as explicitly.

You can click on the pictures to get a better view of the pages - more are at the bottom (even though I don't think it's work safe). And if you want to see the entire comic (God help you) go here. The webpage featuring this comic is not anti-gay. It's a site that looks at "problem-based comics" from the past.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Conservatives already labeling judge as 'bully'

Ryan T. Anderson
It begins.

Some conservatives are not happy with yesterday's deliberations in front of the US Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals where state attorneys defending marriage equality bans in Wisconsin and Indiana got practically ripped by the three judge panel.

Chris Geidner of Buzzfeed called it "the most lopsided arguments over marriage bans at a federal appeals court this year . . ." while  I said we can expect to hear whining about "activist judges" spewing from the right.

I didn't know it would come this soon.

Ryan T. Anderson of the Heritage Foundation has slowly but steadily become the new defender of marriage equality bans on a supposedly intellectual basis. He sent out the following tweet outlining a complaint about one of the judges:

Anderson's tweet was referring to Justice Richard Posner, a Reagan appointee who was the most aggressive in skewering the defenders of the marriage equality ban during yesterday's trial.

If the judges rule in our favor, I expect other besides Anderson will be pulling the "he was an activist bully" card against Posner. But what folks like Anderson mischaracterize (probably deliberately) as bullying is an adherence to facts and lack of patience for people with virtually no argument to support their point of view.

In other words, don't blame the judge because your argument is lousy.

'ESPN regrets report on Michael Sam's showering habits' & other Wednesday midday news briefs

ESPN ‘Regrets’ Report About Michael Sam’s Locker Room Showering Habits - Uh yeah. It was a dumb report.  

His other tactics failing, NOM president turns to anti-trans fear-mongering - For NOM President Brian Brown, "good values" always lie in finding the convenient scapegoat. 

Two Guys Are Traveling Across The United States To Photograph LGBT Families And Couples - This is a wonderful idea. 

McCrory Asked Not To Defend NC Gay Marriage Ban - McCrory would be wise to listen what happened yesterday in court to the defendants of marriage equality bans in Wisconsin and Indiana. It should be easy for him to make a decision then.

 Anti-Gay Pastor And Likely GOP Congressman Quotes Gay Icon, Pretends Thomas Jefferson Said It - And this guy WILL most likely be in Congress next year. Loooord . . .

'Gays want children' lie seems to never die

Yet another anti-gay group - this time, Truth in Action Ministries -pushing nonsense about how gays are supposedly "infiltrating schools" and "indoctrinating" students. And they are also pthrowing the "religious liberty" argument in the mix. But like every time in which the anti-gay folks push such nonsense, two realities are ignored - children who are lgbt and children from same-sex households.

The deliberate attempt to ignore the latter is something that always sticks in my craw. Do they think that children from same-sex households not attend public schools? Perhaps they think that these children are put in suspended animation during the day and are only thawed out when gay folks need photo ops or news footage in order to make the case for gay adoption.

Then again, never mind I said that. I don't want to give these folks ideas. They are so desperate for new material.

The fact of the matter is this - lgbt children and children from same-sex families attend public schools. That's a fact you cannot ignore. And their rights to speak and hear about themselves and see their families represented trumps any nonsensical argument drudged up to render them invisible.

Hat tip to Right Wing Watch.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Disastrous day in court cripples gay marriage opponents

Marriage equality opponents apparently had an awful day in court in their attempts to defend gay marriage bans in several states. According to the Washington Blade:

A three-judge panel of the U.S. Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals on Tuesday skewered state attorneys defending bans on same-sex marriage in Wisconsin and Indiana. The judges who heard the lawsuits — one seeking to overturn the ban on same-sex marriage in Wisconsin, the other in Indiana — consisted of Richard Posner, a Reagan appointee; Ann Claire Williams, a Clinton appointee; and David Hamilton, an Obama appointee. Based on the skepticism these judges expressed regarding marriage bans in these states, the panel seems headed toward deciding 3-0 in favor of marriage equality. Posner was most aggressive in the questioning of attorneys defending bans on same-sex marriage.

  . . Posner asked why sterile opposite-sex couples should be allowed to wed. Posner was similarly frustrated with Wisconsin Assistant Attorney General Timothy Samuelson when the lawyer couldn’t answer why allowing same-sex couples to wed might have a negative impact other than by observing the institution of no-fault divorce led to an increase in the dissolution of marriages. When Samuelson said he wasn’t prepared for the question and could respond later in a brief, Posner retorted, “How can you brief it, if you don’t know anything about it?”

Twice during the arguments, Posner cited a friend-of-the-court brief from the LGBT group known as the Family Equality Council, pointing out the harms faced by children with same-sex parents because their parents don’t have access to marriage. The judge brought up a statistic that between 200,000 and 250,000 children are without guardians and eligible for adoption. Speaking later of same-sex marriage during the arguments, Posner said, “We think, or at least I think, it’s good for the kids.” 

Chris Geidner of Buzzfeed called today's deliberations "the most lopsided arguments over marriage bans at a federal appeals court this year . . ."

He also said:

From the start of the arguments over Indiana’s ban at a little past 9:30 a.m. until the end of the arguments over Wisconsin’s ban at 11:11 a.m., 7th Circuit Judges Richard Posner, Ann Claire Williams, and David Hamilton pounded the two lawyers defending the bans with dismissive, incredulous questions about the basis and purpose for their respective states’ bans.

For the lawyers representing the same-sex couples, the judges almost assumed that the bans violate the constitutional guarantee of equal protection of the laws. The only question in the hearing Tuesday was whether the bans also violated due-process guarantees because marriage is a fundamental right.

In other words, get ready for more weeping and whining about "activist judges" from the religious right. I can almost hear that lovely music now.

'Five religious right myths about sex' & other Tuesday midday news briefs

Pat Robertson: Teen Boy Might Be Gay Because He Lives With Single Mom - Why in gay hell would anyone, and I mean ANYONE, ask Pat Robertson's advice for anything?

 The One Political Moment From The Emmys - The Normal Heart won 'Outstanding Television Movie' last night at the Emmys and director Ryan Murphy took the time to encourage more activism. 

Klingenschmitt 'Apologizes' For Accusing Rep. Jared Polis Of Wanting To Join ISIS & Behead Christians - In which we learn that an apology from an anti-gay figure is almost as bad as the original offense. 

Health Care Fears Loom Large In Gay Marriage Cases - Excellent point!

Human Rights Campaign: Anti-gay group is exporting homophobia to foreign countries

The Human Rights Campaign has come out with an explosive report on the World Congress of Families, an anti-gay group which seems to be operating by exporting homophobia under all of our noses:

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Foundation, the educational arm of the nation’s largest lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) civil rights organization, today released a new report that exposes one of the most influential groups in America promoting and coordinating the exportation of anti-LGBT bigotry, ideology, and legislation abroad: The World Congress of Families.

Labeled a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, and active in several nations across five continents, the Rockford, IL-based World Congress of Families (WCF) has organized large international “pro-family” conventions that bring together the most fringe activists engaged in anti-LGBT extremism since 1997.  In July, WCF announced that its next annual international convention will take place in Salt Lake City, making it the first ever hosted on American soil.

“The World Congress of Families coordinates a dangerous group of activists spreading anti-LGBT rhetoric and promoting laws and policies that criminalize LGBT people and the speech of those who support them,” said Ty Cobb, HRC Foundation’s Director of Global Engagement.  “They praise Vladimir Putin as the standard-bearer for traditional ‘family values’ and honored a Nigerian activist who claims LGBT advocates conspire with the terrorist group Boko Haram with a “Woman of the Year” award.  Their advocacy abroad harms LGBT people from Russia to Nigeria and beyond.  Hate is not an American value, and we must expose and work to stop the World Congress of Families and their extremist allies.”

HRC Foundation’s report documents: WCF’s origins and founding members; a timeline of its major international events; affiliations with prominent American officials, political groups, and religious organizations; engagement and lobbying with leaders and lawmakers abroad; and the primary regions in which the group has been most active.

Uganda, Russia, and Nigeria have enacted horrific anti-LGBT laws within the past year, and LGBT people in those countries have suffered vicious and violent backlashes in their wake. This includes harassment, discrimination, prosecution, public beatings, and murder. WCF and its affiliates are connected to anti-LGBT advocacy in each of the three countries, among many others.

WCF affiliate Scott Lively traveled repeatedly to Uganda claiming that LGBT people are responsible for the Holocaust, the Rwandan genocide and the spread of HIV/AIDS.  Some Ugandan officials credit Lively with the idea of introducing new legislation to further criminalize homosexuality in the country, and prominent Ugandan LGBT activists say the "bill is essentially his creation."  WCF also forcefully advocated for the draconian anti-LGBT Russian law, met with the law’s author in the Russian Duma, and released a public letter in support of the measure. WCF has also repeatedly hosted events in Nigeria with “pro-family” activists from Nigeria and elsewhere in Africa.

Monday, August 25, 2014

'An amendment to put gays in jail . . .' & other Monday midday news briefs

From Jeremy Hooper comes this above "gem" - Video: Preacher Michael Wilson calls for amendment to imprison gay people. Anti-gay preachers are like reality tv shows. They are large in number and each is more crappier than the last.  

Joseph Farah: Being Against Same-Sex Marriage Is A Sexual Orientation - When I began this blog in 2006, my biggest concern was how anti-gay spokespeople and groups was pushing cherry-picked science and junk studies in order to demonize the lgbt community. Now my biggest concern is that these folks are just plumb crazy.

 Mike Huckabee Pleads With Australia To Stop Canceling Anti-Gay Hate Group Conference Venues - My heart bleeds for him AND them (HUGE sarcasm alert). 

 Gay firefighter seeks equal benefits - And she deserves them. 

Lodge agrees to pay for gay couple's wedding after initially refusing to host it - The sweet smell of justice in a Monday afternoon . . .

Family Research Council continues pushing flawed, outdated anti-gay study

FRC president Tony Perkins
Editor's note - I've written about following Family Research Council study, Comparing the Lifestyles of Homosexual Couples to Married Couples, several times. However the fact that the organization continues to push it as "trending" on its webpage gives me another opportunity to show how FRC distorts and cherry-picks information in order to demonize the lgbt community. So much for "Christian" values.

On the Family Research Council's webpage, this study, Comparing the Lifestyles of Homosexual Couples to Married Couples,  is supposedly "trending."  That's not necessarily a good thing because it is flawed on so many levels. The headline should give you an indication of one flaw, i.e. the comparison of  homosexual couples to married heterosexual couples.The study ignores the simple fact that lgbts can now marry in several states. 

Allow me to do a recap. Amongst the errors, Comparing the Lifestyles of Homosexual Couples to Married Couples contains:
- A citation of the book Homosexualities: A Study of Diversity Among Men and Women by Alan Bell and Martin Weinberg as a correct generalization of lgbt sexual habits despite the fact that it was published in 1978 and was not meant by the authors to be a correct assessment of the lgbt community in general.  A passage from Homosexualities clearly says:

“. . . given the variety of circumstances which discourage homosexuals from participating in research studies, it is unlikely that any investigator will ever be in a position to say that this or that is true of a given percentage of all homosexuals.”

- A citation of the book The Male Couple: How Relationships Develop by David P. McWhirter and Andrew M. Mattison despite the fact that the book was written 1984 and was not meant to be a correct assessment of the lgbt community in general.  A passage from The Male Couple says:

“We always have been very careful to explain that the very nature of our research sample, its size (156 couples), its narrow geographic location, and the natural selectiveness of the participants prevents the findings from being applicable and generalizable to the entire gay
male community.”

Friday, August 22, 2014

'Gay Christians making religious right crazy' & other Friday midday news briefs

Liberty Counsel: Acceptance Of Gay Christians May Be A Sign Of The End Times - For Pete's sake, a Christian singing star comes out of the closet and some folks lose their cookies. 

A Year Later, "Nothing" Has Changed Since Transgender Woman Islan Nettles Was Killed - Lest we forget . . .

 Emails Reveal School Canceled Musical For ‘Homosexual Themes,’ Then Lied About It - In case you need to keep score - homosexuality = ultra big MEGA sin. Lying - eh as long as its about them homosexuals.  

These Little Boys Are Quashing Gender Stereotypes Without Even Trying - Excellent piece!

Nashville Mayor Karl Dean Comes Out for Marriage Equality - Good for him!

Two awesome videos spell out argument for marriage equality

I was looking on youtube last night and found these two old, but stunning videos supporting marriage equality. In the future, we need to take a cue from them:


Thursday, August 21, 2014

Bryan Fischer hates gay sex but loves talking about it . . .

For someone who claims to not like homosexual sex, why does Bryan Fischer keep talking about it. I'm just saying . ..

'APP shows real victims of anti-lgbt discrimination' & other Thursday midday news briefs

LGBT Customers Sound Off On Their Experiences With Anti-Gay Discrimination At Restaurants, Businesses - With the religious right attempting to make those who discriminate against lgbts look like victims, this new app lets America see just WHO is really hurt by anti-lgbt discrimination.

AFA's daily prayer equates homosexuality with incest, bestiality, pedophilia - One would think that those who call themselves Christians would pray for peace and love. God don't want to know your kinks, AFA.  

Evangelical Hatemonger Scott Lively Qualifies For November Ballot As Independent: VIDEO - Lord, hammercy! Don't let me down, Massachusetts!  

Randy Thomasson Claims LGBT-Inclusive Schools Make Students 'Enemies of God' - Oh brother! Not another "children aren't learning the real risks of homosexual behavior" lie. Sorry Mr. Thomasson but children will not be taught such things like gays stuff gerbils up our patooties.  

Department Of Labor Extends Employment Protections To Transgender Workers - GOOD!