Thursday, May 10, 2007

Framing the argument

An important part of winning an argument is the ability to frame the argument. Sometimes speed is of the essence.

That is how the anti-gay industry has beaten us time and time again.

With that in mind, I turn to an old canard; Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth (in name only):

Fast on the heels of the “Hate Crimes” bill (H.R. 1597, recently passed by the House) is the second of two top homosexual activist priorities: ENDA, the “Employment Nondiscrimination Act,” H.R. 2015, recently introduced by homosexual Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.). Please read at the bottom of this story the homosexual newspaper Washington Blade’s analysis of the ”transgender” provision of this radical bill.

. . .Several giant corporations have already settled on pro-”transgender” bathroom and dress policies — probably the same companies who would subject their employees to biased, pro-homosexual “diversity” lectures – but can you imagine inflicting these “transgender” regulations on small and mid-level companies through federal law via ENDA?

This is one of the most perverse applications of “civil rights” to date – and it’s headed straight for your business if you have 15 or more employees. What female employee wants to share the company restroom with a big-boned man claiming to be “transitioning” to “womanhood”? Will companies have to build “transgender male” and “transgender female” restrooms (or “Designated GLBT Restrooms”) to accommodate the various “orientations” and avoid government prosecution?

So according to Peter, lgbts should not have protection from job discrimination because a "big-boned" man who is transitioning into a woman would have to share a bathroom with other women.

Or as his colleague Matt Barber said:

Imagine, if you will, a 280 lb linebacker who likes to wear a dress and high heels and lipstick, you know comes to church wanting a job at the front desk as a receptionist and they turn him away because they don’t feel that that represents their values or the image that they’re trying to hold at that church, under ENDA they could be held accountable for discrimination against that individual.

Comments like these are not funny, especially if they are coming in a huge amount by constituents to their area Congressmen as reasons why the said Congressman should vote against pro-gay laws.

Before our eyes, the anti-gay industry is forging an ugly argument against ENDA. No matter how untrue it is, I am willing to bet that by this time Monday, almost every so-called pro-family web page, blog, etc. will be repeating the transsexual fear stories.

And these people will encourage others to spread these lies around, as well as call their Congressmen repeating these lies.

ENDA is not about transsexual men using the ladies room. For a Christian to say this knowing fully well that he or she is appealing to fear and ignorance is a sin. ENDA is about ensuring that lgbts are able to enjoy the protections and freedoms that this country affords every citizen in pursuit of doing their jobs.

Other distortions the anti-gay industry repeat are:
ENDA will cause gay quotas

The boy scouts and religious groups will be forced to hire gays and lesbians

We need to get on the ball and stop these lies before they start. These are the provisions of ENDA:

This Act shall not apply to any of the employment practices of a religious corporation, association, educational institution, or society which has as its primary purpose religious ritual or worship or the teaching or spreading of religious doctrine or belief.

this Act shall not apply with respect to the employment of individuals whose primary duties consist of teaching or spreading religious doctrine or belief, religious governance, supervision of a religious order, supervision of persons teaching or spreading religious doctrine or belief, or supervision or participation in religious ritual or worship.

Under this Act, a religious corporation, association, educational institution, or society may require that applicants for, and employees in, similar positions conform to those religious tenets that such corporation, association, institution, or society declares significant.

In this Act, the term `employment' does not apply to the relationship between the United States and members of the Armed Forces.

This title does not repeal or modify any Federal, State, territorial, or local law creating a special right or preference concerning employment for a veteran.