Monday, May 14, 2007

Monday venting

Geez I hate this fricking book.

There I said it.

Don't get me wrong because everything is still going according to plan. I am in the middle of my final editing before sending it back to the publisher. I told myself that I would be extremely brutal with my editing this time and I was.

So in short, I am tired. I work a 7.5 hour day and then come home, post on my blog and finally edit my book. This routine tends to get on one's nerves after while.

So pardon me for venting. My book will out this fall therefor despite my cantankerous mood, I am excited over it.


A girl and her grandparents have sued the Chicago Board of Education, alleging that a substitute teacher showed the R-rated film "Brokeback Mountain" in class.

The lawsuit claims that Jessica Turner, 12, suffered psychological distress after viewing the movie in her 8th grade class at Ashburn Community Elementary School last year.

The film, which won three Oscars, depicts two cowboys who conceal their homosexual affair.
Turner and her grandparents, Kenneth and LaVerne Richardson, are seeking around $500,000 in damages.

"It is very important to me that my children not be exposed to this," said Kenneth Richardson, Turner's guardian. "The teacher knew she was not supposed to do this."

My first impression is that barring the fact that this was not yet another anti-gay industry phony morale panic (i.e. Repent America and David Parker) it was absolutely stupid for that substitute teacher to do this. The lawsuit is frivilous but showing that film to minors was still a dumb thing to do.

My second impression was damn, did it have to be a gay-themed movie. Because it is a gay themed movie, every Tom, Dick and Peter will be coming out of the woodwork trying to link the teacher's bad judgement with gay/straight alliances and other legitimate attempts to help lgbt students.

At the very least, gay people will have to deal with comments like:

I saw Brokeback Mountain in the theater because I had to. It is a highly effective propaganda film well-suited to exploit today’s widespread confusion over “sexual orientation” and “same-sex love.” The film is about two male cowboys who “fall in love,” and features a sudden sodomitic encounter in a tent that is, well, let’s just say, biological and medical fantasy. The film, of course, seeks to advance the fiction that “gay” romantic love is just like the normal variety except with different genders. But that ignores, for one thing, the terrible damage that sodomy (i.e., anal sex) exacts on the body. That’s why many male initiates into homosexual sex get high on drugs or alcohol first — to dull the pain (and the shame) of this unnatural and sinful behavior.

Please note that Peter didn't say what heterosexuals do when they have anal sex. I doubt he will be giving us any information regarding that anytime soon.


Jim Burroway of Box Turtle Bulletin has written an excellent expose on our friend Paul Cameron. It should be required viewing for all of us who want to expose anti-gay industry lies.