Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Jerry Falwell's legacy? Just ask Paul Cameron or Peter LaBarbera

Today, a friend at my job asked me a pointed but rude question:

"Are you gays happy that Jerry Falwell died?"

I told him of course not but his question gave me pause.

Not because of some of us who are popping the champagne over news of Falwell's death. Unfortunately some of us have chosen not to take the high road in this matter. It's an unfortunate happening but not indicative of the entire lgbt community.

His question gave me pause because it made me think about Falwell's true legacy. We have been inudated by columns and soundbites calling Falwell everything from a good Christian to a demagogue. And in the coming days, we all will continue have to hear how Falwell changed America for either better or worse.

Yesterday, I posted a quote from the Bible that said we should love our enemies and pray for those who use us in a negative fashion. I mean this with all of my heart. But I also don't believe that telling the truth about a deceased person is the same as dancing on his grave.

Jerry Falwell was a bully, plain and simple.

He was a pompous, self-righteous egomaniac who used religious doctrine as an excuse and a bully pulpit to beat up on a group of people whom he knew did not have the sufficient power to fight him back.

Anyone wanting to see Falwell's true legacy should read the following:

Why Should Homosexuals Have Super Rights?
By Dr. Paul Cameron, Chairman of the Family Research Institute

Is it fair, is it just to give those who live parasitic lives 'Super Rights?' After all, it is the duty of every member of society to contribute to the commonweal. Yet the empirical evidence indicates that those who engage in homosexuality 1) contribute less and cost more in goods and services, 2) disproportionately disrupt social functioning, and 3) have few children while being more apt to harm them. Thus, homosexuals not only fail to 'pay for their keep,' but by their negative influence on children, cloud society's future.
. .

Falwell made it acceptable to tell lies and demonize the lgbt community, but with the incorrect self assurance that somehow God approves. His need to dehumanize the lgbt community gave birth to a progeny of liars (i.e. Paul Cameron, Robert Knight, James Dobson, Peter LaBarbera, Lou Sheldon) who will continue to taint Christianity with an "ends justify the means" mentality.

And if you ask me, that's a pretty shitty legacy for any minister to have.

It is the legacy you won't hear about at Liberty University, CNN, MSNBC, and especially not on FOX News.

So to those who are complaining that too much attention is on Falwell's opposition to homosexuality, I say the opposite; not enough attention has been given to it.