Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Hypocrisy is so un-Christian

I hope no one thinks that I am attacking Christians, but I ran across a few things today that has to be commented on. The following is from People for the American Way:

Recently we noted the blatant double standard exhibited by religious-right groups in the case of Albemarle County, Virginia schools’ "backpack mail" program: Last year, Liberty Counsel told the school that if it distributed secular materials by giving them to students to take home, it had to allow religious materials as well. The school complied. But when a summer camp for "atheists, freethinkers, [and] humanists" used the "backpack mail" program, Rick Scarborough’s Vision America pounced, directing its supporters to flood the school superintendent’s e-mail account and eventually causing the school to drop "backpack mail" altogether.

Scarborough declared a "major victory" for Vision America, but lamented that the victory was only partial: He would prefer that the school reject material from atheists while continuing to distribute material from Christian programs. Scarborough explained:

People for the American Way says we’re hypocrites who want to establish a different standard for Christians and atheists. Hypocrites, no. Different standards? Yes. Again, the court said the district didn’t have unbridled discretion, not that it shouldn’t exercise any discretion.

Why should a fringe minority have the same status as Christians? This country was not established by secular humanists. The Declaration of Independence appeals to the "Creator" and the "Supreme Judge of the World" -- not to Buddha or Mohammad or Madalyn Murray O’Hair. Christians constitute 90% of the American people. The people whose taxes pay for the Albemarle County School System are overwhelmingly Christian.

It gets worse.

Apparently the readers of One News Now are upset because for the first time, the US Senate will open with a prayer from a Hindu minister. Some of their comments are as follows:

The invocation of idolatrous gods is inherently offensive to members of the Judeo-Christian majority of the United States. The Second Commandment states, "You shall not make for yourselves and idol." Therefore, we should let our senators know that while we defend the right of others to practice their religions, we do not accept the imposition of minority religious practices upon us and our elected representatives.

"God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows" (Galatians 6:7). The same goes for a nation.

Inclusiveness NEVER was a part of God's will for His people. When the Israelites assimilated other religious beliefs, God turned a deaf ear to their crys. It cost Solomon his soul. Christianity likewise is an EXCLUSIVE religion. There is One God and One Savior. He is the Creator.

Are you serious? Why is it in this nation founded on Christian truth is prayer mentioned in Jesus' name the only one that offends? Now we must kowtow to a pagan false religion by allowing prayer to hindu gods? What is happening here? Why is our senate sticking a finger in the Most Holy God's eye? Doesn't anyone fear God anymore? One more big step on that slippery slope to divine judgement.

Sorry majority rules in this country and Christians are the majority. Please take your seat now.

And these some of the same people who claim that adding lgbts to hate crimes legislation discriminates against Christians?

So perceived discrimination against Christians is wrong but actual discrimination by Christians is okay.

Kind of hypocritical, don’t you think?

But unfortunately the mindsets of these folks are the reason why the anti-gay industry have been so successful in their lies about an alleged gay conspiracy to undermine American values.

Many people reading the comments of Scarborough and the commentators of One News Now will think that what was said is totally appropriate.

And that is a serious problem. Not for us so-called "Godless activists" but for those who call themselves people of faith.

Some Christians claim that they are viewed negatively in this country. If is a problem regarding people having a negative view of Christianity, it has nothing to do with gays, "secular humanists," the ACLU or the usual boogeymen called out by James Dobson and company.

The blame is solely on the lap of those Capitalistic Christians who have tied the Gospel of Jesus to the world view of success and conquest.

That is the type of Christian who, as demonstrated by the above examples, can speak out both sides of their mouths about discrimination and not feel the least bit guilty.

Why should they?

God blesses them above everyone else. They know this for sure because people like Rick Scarborough, James Dobson, James Kennedy, One News Now and so many others tells them so on a daily basis.

Well, this has never been a Christian country.

I don’t care how many Founding Fathers you find who claimed to have practiced the Christian religion, this country hasn’t necessarily been that close to God.

Those who cite the fallacy of a Christian nation seem to always forget slavery and segregation of African-Americans, as well as the grand scale genocide of Native Americans; practices that were many times aided and abetted by people of faith willing to either look the other way or rationalize these offenses.

And let’s not forget the Salem Witchcraft Trials, which is a perfect example of how some self-righteous people of faith ignored the voice of God and spiritually cannibalized each other.

So I question the idea that the United States is a Christian nation. I view this notion as an egotistical flight of fancy.

And, with all due respect, allow me to address those Christians in this country who seem to think that God mandated for them to replace the Israelites as the "chosen people:"

Jesus never said "pick up your Cross and follow me and I will give you a nice job, a nice house, 2.5 children and a Republican in the White House every four years.

Not getting a Constitutional Amendment passed outlawing same sex marriage doesn’t exactly rank up there with being crucified, stoned, or being fed to wild beasts.

Having your child go to a school that allows a gay/straight alliance doesn’t exactly put you in the category of "suffering for your faith." In fact even if Hilary Clinton or any other Democrat was elected president and you have to deal with a Democratic Congress to go with said election, you would still rank zero on the martyrdom scale.

Lastly, if Scarborough is correct and you do comprise a vast majority, then are you really being persecuted? Either you suffer from a serious narcissism complex or maybe God is trying to tell you something about your attitudes.