Friday, July 13, 2007

Willfully ignoring the obvious about James Holsinger

James Holsinger was never a favorite of the anti-gay industry.

They didn’t necessarily rush to his defense when the controversy came about his 1991 study. I personally think that they didn’t want to bring too much attention to themselves because its obvious that Holsinger copied their tactics of creating "research": authoring studies full of cherry picked sources to discredit the lgbt community.

Now they seem to be angry at his testimony, specifically the fact that he disavowed the 1991 study. Check out our friend Matt Barber from Concerned Women for America:

Holsinger gave several non-answers when asked if he still believed that homosexuality was “unnatural” and “unhealthy.” He seemed to try to distance himself from his 1991 paper by saying, “First of all, the paper does not represent where I am today,” he said. “It does not represent who I am today.” (What does that mean? Does it mean he no longer believes that homosexuality is “unhealthy” and “unnatural,” or does it mean that he is now MORE certain than ever that homosexuality is “unhealthy” and “unnatural”?) He completely dodged the question and provided a non-answer (which I suppose he was coached to do). His answer was prefaced by saying that he used the best medical information available at the time.

Incredibly, Barber seems to be angry at Fox News for reporting that Holsinger repudiated his paper. Now that is something I thought I would never see:

But I think the MSM [mainstream media], including Fox, have grossly exaggerated his statement. They’re reporting what they wanted to hear, not what he actually said.

Barber wrote this passage in order to clarify a point he made in an earlier email:

Enter the Mainstream Media. They are widely reporting that Holsinger has “disavowed” his belief that homosexuality is “unnatural” and “unhealthy.” They’ve apparently made that extrapolation based upon Holsinger’s above referenced quote (quite a stretch I think). Brit Hume, reporting on the Fox News Channel, said, “Holsinger also told senators in a confirmation hearing that he no longer holds the views about homosexuality that he expressed in a controversial paper in 1991, in which he called it unnatural and unhealthy.” Unless I totally missed something, he never even came close to saying that.

The entire Holsinger affair has been a serious smack in the face to the anti-gay industry. Nevertheless, Barber and the rest are stubbornly trying to find a victory out of this.

This stridency illustrates why it's easy for the anti-gay industry to create lies lgbts:

No, Holsinger didn't repudiate his paper, the lazy media made it seem that way.

No, Paul Cameron is not a bad researcher. The APA, the American Sociological Association, and William Bennett are conspiring to bring him down because they have been highjacked by the radical gay agenda.

If we cite research in a way that it was not intended, then we are not at fault. It is the researcher's fault.

Keep it up guys. Your bullheadedness is your biggest weakness and our biggest strength.

Give Gloria Gaynor the benefit of the doubt

Some of us are angry at diva Gloria Gaynor because she recently commented that she uses her concerts to try and bring lgbts to Christ.

Understandably, with all lgbts have had to deal with regarding so-called religious people, some of us have gotten ugly towards Ms. Gaynor, calling her everything but a child of God.

Lighten up folks.

Gaynor didn’t bash us a community. Her desire to lead us to Christ doesn’t necessarily mean she wants us to abandon our lgbt identity.

Many lgbts are Christians because they have learned to reconcile their faith to their orientation.

But the bottom line is that so many of us have bought into anti-gay industry lies. We believe the lie that God does not want us to be lgbt.

Why listen to wannabe substitute spokespeople when the real deal is there for you? We should embrace any and all chances to talk to God regarding who we are.

Christianity, or any type of religion for that matter, and the lgbt orienation aren’t necessarily independent of each other.

The behavior of some of us towards Gaynor only underscores how the anti-gay industry has damaged our community.

They are not the proxy voices of God, no matter how much they claim to be. In actuality, they are ticks to the body of Christianity, sucking out the spiritual blood for their own personal agendas.

So sheath your claws and save your catty comments until at least we know what she meant. Until Gloria Gaynor comes out specifically attacking us, let’s give her the benefit of the doubt.

Don’t let the anti-gay industry’s hatred of us transform us into a carbon copy of them.

As long as we attack Gaynor for her comments without any clarification as to what she meant, the closer we become to being exactly what the anti-gay industry wants us to be rather than who we should be.