Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Janet Folger puts her foot in her mouth but it's nothing new to see here folks

In her zeal to brand lgbts as purveyors of public sex, the Weeping Willow of the Anti-Gay Industry, Janet Folger seems to have stepped in it.

In that recent column of hers which I have talked about, News flash! Sex in public still illegal, Folger said the following:

Dr. E. Fields, in his book "Is Homosexual Activity Normal?", reveals "41 percent of homosexuals say they have had sex with strangers in public restrooms."

Now just who in the heck is Dr. E. Fields? Well according to this blog:

Edward Fields is a chiropractor who has spent the last 55 years involved with various neo-Nazi organizations in the United States. The ADL has a few interesting details on "Dr" Edward Fields:

In 1952, still shy of twenty, he met the flamboyant racist J.B. Stoner while the two were attending law school in Atlanta, and joined Stoner's Christian Anti-Jewish Party (formerly the Stoner Anti-Jewish Party), a very small mass-mailing outfit in Atlanta. Stoner said he founded the organization to "out-Hitler Hitler," whom he called a "moderate"; his aim was "to make being Jewish a crime, punishable by death."

Fields eventually dropped out of law school, choosing instead to attend Palmer School of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa, in 1953.

The following year he and another student allegedly posted signs on storefronts in Davenport and two other towns reading, "This store owned by Jews" and "Anti-Jewish Week, Feb. 21-28" (in fact, the end of February had been designated National Brotherhood Week).

No charges were filed, but Fields was placed on probation. He remained undaunted, apparently; his schooldays continued to be marked by anti-Semitic and racist pickets, meetings and mailings. During this time he built networks across the American far-right underground. He attended Palmer until 1956, and thereafter referred to himself as "Dr. Fields" - a title that conferred prestige among hardcore racists.

To her credit, Folger acknowledged what she did:

Special note: In the original version of this column, there was a sentence where I referred to some research conducted by a Dr. E. Fields.

It has come to our attention that Dr. Fields subscribes to a number of racist views of which our Faith2Action ministry was unaware. The research had been previously cited by some seemingly unchallenged sources, which I'm sure were also unaware of his racist views and writings.

We sincerely apologize for this mistake. As Christians, we disavow all racism as sinful and would never knowingly promote an advocate of racism.

Faith2Action maintains that the problem of sex in public restrooms is a very serious one that Fort Lauderdale and other cities have every right and duty to confront. In the future, however, we will not refer to any research by Dr. Fields.

Now if only she would get others to do the same regarding Paul Cameron.

Really though I am not surprised by Folger's citing racist sources. Others in the anti-gay industry have done the same.

In April 2007, professional "ex-gay" Stephen Bennett was promoting a video from YouTube that talked about the supposed homosexual menace.

Thing is, however, the video was made by a person who created other videos such as:

The Black Death (about how Asians nearly killed Europeans by giving them the plague)

Keep America white- Hitler- Blacks are racist-

Mexican druglords and human sacrifice-

White Europeans are the first Americans (parts I, II and III)

Black Crime

Black Intelligence - which purports to be a discussion of how white people are smarter than black people, and which shows a bunch of dark Hollywood-stereotype African natives jumping up and down like monkeys. The video is one of the most racist things you have ever seen. I thought about not even posting it, but the lesson will not be learned until we call the religious right on their bigotry publicly.

Please bear in mind that I am not calling Folger or Bennett racist. I am merely pointing out how so strident members of the anti-gay industry are that they will use anything to demonize the lgbt community.

Their egos seem to tell them that in the long run, what they are doing is right in the eyes of God. That being the case, who needs to do things such as research and checking one's sources.

The real question is Harry Jackson paying attention.