Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Gay America, we are being played!!!!!

First there was the nonsense from Ft. Lauderdale Mayor Jim Naugle about "gay public sex."

And now this hot mess about fire fighters being sexually harassed during a pride parade in San Diego.

Call me paranoid is you want but I sense something brewing.

Today from One News Now, comes these lovely articles:

Bulk of homosexual campaign contributions going to Clinton's campaign coffer

San Antonio police chief encouraged to stop promoting homosexual causes

The connotation of the articles being no doubt:

San Antonio supports "nasty gay parades" like the one in San Diego


Hilary Clinton supports all gay lewdness

Meanwhile, some of my fellow gay bloggers are pratically spraining their wrists defending the fire fighters in the San Diego incident, even though they are not aware of all of the facts.

So is the Naugle incident and the San Diego fire fighter lawsuit mere coincidences?


But seeing how the anti-gay industry is connected and intertwined, I am suspicious about the proximity of both incidents.

Just how many other "coincidental" incidents and lawsuits are on the horizon?

How long will it be before Fox News manufactures a special entitled Has Gay Rights Gone Too Far?

Here are the facts as I see them:

We know that Jim Naugle is a grandstanding liar

We do not know the entire story behind the San Diego lawsuit

But here is what we should be aware of.

There is now a cloud the size of a man's hand above the lgbt community.

While we bitch over details, the anti-gay industry is yet again making us out to be sex fiends who, when not trolling for sex in public restrooms, go about sexually abusing fire fighters.

The anti-gay industry is crafting a new ignorant image of us just in time for the national election. And by all means do not think that their lies won't be used on a local level.

And the truth usually does not matter when it should. If you kick up enough smoke, you can obscure the truth until the time that revelation is futile.

The question is are we going recognize what the anti-gay industry and do something about it?

Or are we going to sit on our butts after it's all over and complain yet again about being lied on?