Monday, August 20, 2007

This has never happened before but . . .

In over 240 posts, I have never had this problem. But for some reason, today is different.

I have nothing to write about.

It's not that there is nothing to comment on. The anti-gay industry misrepresents our lives on a daily basis so there is always something new to point out.

I guess I am a little burnt out.

With my daily job combined with my nightly posting and getting everything ready for my upcoming book, I find myself stretched to the limit.

However, I have a feeling that I am speaking too soon.

No doubt while I rest my nerves, one of our friends in the anti-gay industry (i.e.Matt Barber, Janet Folger, Peter LaBarbera or whomever else) will say do something so absolutely reckless that it will shake me from this momentary ennui (if I am using that word wrong, don't tell me).

Meanwhile, I do want to make everyone aware of this interesting bit I read from an online friend:

Conservative columnist and master of the outrageous, unsubstantiated comment (one of which helps to form the hypothesis of my book) Kevin McCullough wrote a column this weekend claiming that gays are admitting that our orientation is a choice.

The basis of his column was a comment from National Gay and Lesbian Task Force's Roberta Sklar:

"These young women see sexuality as a fluid thing," said National Gay and Lesbian Task Force spokeswoman Roberta Sklar. "It's not just between your legs. These relationships are physical, emotional and intellectual, and the boundaries are not hard set," she said. Sklar said a growing number of young women have a "more flexible view" of their sexual partners, and their early choices of gender may not be a "fixed path."

"I know a woman who had relationships of depth with members of both sexes," said Sklar. "She didn't put a tag on what her sexuality identity was. Recently, I saw her at her wedding to a young, lovely man. In no way does she deny her history or say she has found her true sexuality. It was all her true sexuality

However, in a standard anti-gay industry propaganda technique, McCullough distorted her comment.

Sklar was talking about bisexuals, not gays and lesbians:

But here's the key ingredient that Mr. McCullough annoyingly, conveniently overlooks: Ms. Sklar and the ENTIRE ABC NEWS PIECE are speaking specifically about one particular sect of the population. In fact, the subject of the article is one particular subset of not just the human population, but of the bisexual population. Ms. Sklar is talking about those young women who clearly have some sort of an internal attraction to other women, but who reject the traditional labels that would try and define them as "bisexual." It is no more reasoned to use these women to represent the entire LGBT rainbow than it is to use them to represent the entire spectrum of femininity!

Business as usual indeed.