Saturday, September 08, 2007

Americans for Truth are curious about my book

I got an email two days ago from someone at Americans for Truth.

It was nothing spectacular. Apparently the group had heard about my book and requested an "advance copy."

My first impulse was to go ahead and send them a copy of my final galleys. However, something did not sit right with me so I consulted a friend.

He said why should I bother to send them the galleys when I know full well that they are most likely going to bash it. This was not to say that I should not send them anything at all.

He advised me to just send them a link where they can purchase the book. After all, why give them a special preview when others who will respect my work are going to pay for their copy.

This was sound advice so I took it.

It is interesting though.

Americans for Truth (in name only) and other anti-gay industry groups no doubt are now aware of my book.

I am curious see if they can refute my observations.