Sunday, September 23, 2007

Paul Cameron dresses up trash as diamonds, but it is still trash

It has been a wild weekend.

South Carolina had its 17th annual lgbt pride and it was wilder than usual.

One thing that was outrageous was the increased number of protestors and their level of vitriol. But more about that in a later post.

I wasn't going to post today but I wanted to direct everyone's attention to something I saw on Box Turtle Bulletin.

Our lovely friend Paul Cameron is not only back but he has undertaken a very interesting project.

He is starting his own online journal. Log onto to Box Turtle Bulletin for a more complete story. According to editor Jim Burroway:

Cameron intends to dress this “journal” up as an academic journal, but that doesn’t mean it will actually be one. Because there are some 1,700 real social science journals listed in Journal Citation Reports, an article in the most reputable journals may still be read by only a few thousand professionals around the world. But that’s not who Cameron is targeting. Instead he wants to draw in thousands of unsuspecting readers on the internet, few of whom will realize that it isn’t a reliable journal– or even a real one.

Pay attention folks because probably in no time at all, anti-gay industry blogs, talking heads, and groups will be citing the nonsense coming from this "new" place in their continuing attempts to demonize the lgbt community.

We really need to be on top of this.

Anyone who is interested can find a complete story of Cameron's sordid history of distorting studies at numerous places online including Box Turtle Bulletin and my recently published book, Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters.