Thursday, October 04, 2007

Something worth knowing about the Folsom Street Fair and our friend Peter

Yesterday, an online buddy of mine wrote me saying that he attended the Folsom Street Fair. His observations are very interesting:

I have to say I went to the Folsom Street Fair (and this was my third year).

It is clear from these pictures that the whippings and such that occurred on Folsum Street were not the popular parts of the Street Fair (his pictures of the flogging shows 4 people watching, plus himself and Allyson Smith). He might find them exciting, but it isn't the focus of the Street Fair.

And most people who went were fully dressed. It is extremely rare to see fully naked people on the street. One thing that Peter LaBarbera didn't mention in his complaining about nudity--it is legal in San Francisco to walk around fully nude.

I've only seen it once outside of Folsom Street. There were also volunteers who were asked to go around and ask people who were having sex to stop. It is not condoned at the street fair. It is possible that Peter LaBarbera was standing in the way of these volunteers as he excitedly filmed the oral sex for at least 1/2 hour!

It is also clear from these pictures that Peter LaBarbera asked most of these people to pose for him.

My friend was wrong about one thing. Peter did not say the oral sex went on for half an hour. He was talking about the "mutual masturbation:"

Naked “leathermen” fondle each other in a public sex scene as passers-by stop to watch and take pictures. This scene (see next photo) went on for at least a half hour, as new men would come and join in the mutual masturbation.

However the question still remains. Just how did Peter know how long the "mutual masturbation" went on.

Let me guess. He was watching and timing it for "research purposes."