Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Paul Cameron gets hit in the 'comfort zone'

Today's post is going to be short mostly because I am hoping that more attention will be devoted to my last post regarding the incorrect term "gay bowel syndrome."

But I want to point something out about our "friend" Paul Cameron.

Last week, an online buddy of mine pointed out that Cameron sent out a press release trumpeting a "new study."

For those of us who are used to Cameron's lies, it is yet another old study of his packaged with new distortions.

This one has to do with the claim that gay men molest children at a high rate.

Rather than go into details as to how ridiculous this study is, I want to point something out that I saw today via another online friend.

And it had me reeling.

Apparently a webpage that would probably be seen as right wing and evangelical (i.e. "the enemy") published a piece by someone actually criticizing the study for being wrong.

And to make matters even better, the author, Warren Throckmorton, talks about Cameron's other distortions.

Throckmorton is not necessarily an "ally" of lgbts. He is supposedly a proponent of the "ex-gay" movement.

Still, this is nice.

Being attacked for being inaccurate on what may seem to be "home turf" may not sit well with Cameron.

I am hoping to see one of his lengthy and rambling "rebuttals" published.

And I await with baited breath and popcorn in hand.