Thursday, October 18, 2007

Busy Thursday - Time for an amusing story

I wrote something this morning that I wanted to post but I decided not to.

At least not the entire thing. Just one item:

I really wish that Ellen DeGeneres kept that dog controversy to herself. I mean it may be sad to her but it's not something that needs a public forum. And you know that with the lack of visibility in our community, if a gay celebrity even accidentally passes gas on air, some of us will be talking about it for an unbearably long time.

So with the fight over ENDA (it passed committee but the transgender community is somewhat left out), hate crimes legislation (we just know the dipstick-in-chief will veto it), and all the other things that inhibit lgbts from full lives, I really don't give a shit about Ellen or the dog.

No offense, but I really don't.

But how about a humorous story regarding me and

My book is now available on but there was one problem.

The book's description on the site said it was for ages 9-12.

This is not true of course. And corrections have been made. However, you know how things get talked about online and how a story travels all over the web before the truth is discovered.

The last thing I want is to read Peter LaBarbera's or the Traditional Values Coalition's webpage claim that I am trying to "indoctrinate"(I think that's the word they like to use) children "into homosexuality."

So let me say now that my book is not for children ages 9-12. Now if any teenagers happen to want to read it then by all means please do.

Uh oh.

Oh well, I do need that toaster oven national headquarters gives us for meeting the quota of "new recruits."