Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tuesdays can be stranger than Mondays

Idiotic comment of the day:

ENDA "will ultimately force people of faith to go to sensitivity training" and threatens Christian employees "who may wear a cross or talk about Christ at work." - Andrea Lafferty, The Traditional Values Coalition

That comment is a blatant lie on so many levels. ENDA will not prevent people from wearing crosses are talking about Jesus at work. And Ms. Lafferty knows this. ENDA has nothing to do with religious expression.

The ironic thing is that even if it did, a Christian talking about Jesus would still be safe from the alleged "gay menace."

Jesus never said a word about gays.

Dan Abrams and why he is my hero

A lot of times, I tune out television journalism. I am a print man and to me, television journalism can sometimes devalue the entire industry by reducing issues to soundbites.

But every now and then, I get happy when television commentators do something awesome.

I am not really aware of who Dan Abrams is but he is my hero.

Recently, my undeclared nemesis and one of the reasons why my book was written, Robert Knight made an appearance on Abrams's MSNBC show.

He was there to criticize J.K. Rowlings for declaring that one of her Harry Potter characters, Dumbeldore, was gay.

Now for the record, Knight is a rude interview subject. He talks for a long time (a cynical tactic when you are debating an issue on a television show with a time limit) and tries to interrupt when other talk.

I feel that the Dumbledore controversy is ridiculous and even though Abrams didn't come out and say such, he not only demonstrated this point but showed just how dopey Robert Knight can be.

Take a look at it here.

And for the record, I met Knight in person (as chronicled by my book) and he is just a dreary and deceptive in person.