Thursday, November 01, 2007

I think Peter LaBarbera is mad at me

I was going to talk about the hypocrisy of anti-gay industry news source One News Now, but something just happened that is too damned good to keep to myself.

You all may recall that a while back, Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth (in name only) wrote me asking for an advance copy of my book.

I wrote him back directing him to the page of my publisher where he could order a copy.

Well last night, I received an email from him yet again.

Now since he asked me to, I am not going to publish that email.

But to make a long story short, he again asked for a free review copy of my book.

He also defended his web page's usage of legitimate health information (about gay sex) to bash lgbts on the whole.

This was my answer back to him:

i saw your very AMUSING bit today - i was going to answer but i read something on pam spaulding's site that was brilliant and it did speak to what i have said in my book about how your side distorts credible health information (

The book that Peter uses as his basis for his attacks is actually a very handy medical guide that talks about the risks of STDs and how to prevent them and STILL live your truth as a gay person.

You did not deliver, you distorted.

now about my book - i believe i sent you a link to my publisher. by your email reply to me just now, it is obvious that you did not purchase by book via that route. - i suggest you go to a site that has a used copy of it if you do not want to pay full price.

I have to tell you all honestly that despite this email, I was contemplating sending a copy of my book galleys to Peter. I even asked a friend about it.

I also prayed on it.

What happened when I opened my email this afternoon is proof that God is powerful and we should never take in the lie that He does not love us just as we are.

You see Peter responded to my email. And he did not have the foresight to ask me not to print it:

Nope, sorry, not paying to see what baloney you are going to say about me. I'm not a masochist, despite what all the nuts on your side say. :)

It is not distorting to show the disproportionate health risks of behaviors like anal sex. You guys are in total denial.

This is my answer to him:

peter, a couple of things.

get over yourself. You are not that important. You are just a pawn. It is for that reason that only three paragraphs of a 168 page book (my book) is devoted to you.

re: regarding anal sex - it IS distorting when you totally ignore that heterosexuals engage in it and make it seem that this sex act is a hallmark of being gay. NOT ALL GAY PEOPLE ENGAGE IN ANAL SEX, PETER!!!!

You used information devoted for to ensure health in order to bash gay people. It is no different than using information regarding sickle cell anemia to bash African-Americans on the whole.

You have a right to believe what you want about gay people but if we (us being lgbts) think that you are wrong, we have a right to give correct information.

You have a nice day and be blessed.

What I am about to say is not set in stone. But I am of the mind that if Peter wants a copy of my book, let him buy it. His atttiude was stank and very un-Christian.

But I did enjoy the email exchange.