Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Forgive me Lord, but your 'followers' are nuts

Apparently someone left the cage open because members of the anti-gay industry are figuratively "showing their asses" today.

Let's break down the top three stories:

Holsinger may become surgeon general

Rumour control has it that President Bush may just go ahead and recess appoint James Holsinger as our Surgeon General. I have covered the Holsinger situation in detail so I am not going to rehash the entire sordid affair. If you want to a recap, check out this link.

But if Bush does recess appoint Holsinger, I would not be surprised. It would be symbolic of our president's legacy as a self-righteous wannabe John Waynish type of figure who, despite all of his lies and deceptions, is never wrong; at least in his eyes.

Bottom line - I wouldn't trust Bush to be in charge of a dog pound much less a nation. But he has served two terms; two long, long, loooooong terms.

He makes me almost miss Reagan. At least Regan could make his bullshit sound like a symphony.

Homo-naseuous but lies are okay with me?

Dave Daubenmire today wrote a column talking about how he is "homo-nauseous."

His column is a scream. The beginning warns readers that his words aren't going to be "politically correct."

He should have said his words weren't going to be correct. That would have been more to the point because it is apparent that while Daubenmire claims to be "hom-nauseous," he has no problems with lying.

His column is filled with the standard anti-gay industry straw men arguments. He also peppers the column with links to sites that supposedly proves his point:

But I thought "homosexuals" were just like everyone else and that all they wanted was to be free to "live their lives" in peace. If that is the case, why won't they stop identifying themselves by what the do in the privacy of their bedroom? Why are they so intent on making me accept their deviancy? Why are they trying to indoctrinate 6-year olds into their perversion?

I took a look at the link he used there.

It is from a Massachusetts anti-gay industry group, Mass Resistance. Dauberman and the link in question was talking about a situation that took place a few years ago involving David Parker, a man who claimed that he was arrested for keeping the "homosexual agenda" from "indoctrinating" his six-year-old son.

This, of course, is a blatant lie. I talk about the Parker controversy in detail through my book. I used it as an example of how the anti-gay industry sometimes creates and distorts controversies to further their agenda.

I emailed Mr. Daubenmire the following letter:

i am sorry but your references are wrong. the sites you linked to do not tell the entire story of each controversy.

for exampe, i noticed that you linked much to the mass resistance site and especially the david parker situation.

in the first place, no one was trying to indoctrinate parker's son. he simply brought home a book that included a same sex family.

david parker kept complaining to the school, even though he was told that homosexuality was not a part of his child's curriculum. It culminated with parker getting arrested as a publicity stunt. he claimed that the school did not comply with his request to exclude his child out of discussions of same sex families, even if such discussions were to happen spontaneously (apparently a few of his son's classmates came from same sex households).

the school told him that discussions about same sex households are not included in the district opt out policy because discussions of families are not the same as discussions of sex. The school told him this after seeking the advice of district office. they also him that they could not keep students from talking about their families.

Parker refused to leave the school after the meeting and was arrested. conveniently mass resistance "just happened" to be there to take pictures of the incident.

a year after his arrest, parker and mass resistance told the lie that his son was attacked because of his father's stance. the school investigated, the area police investigated, the area social services agency investigate. all found that the claim was a lie.

just wanted you to know the type of folks you are taking info from. you claim to be "homo-naseuous." it is apparent that you do not feel the same way about lies.

I also posted it to his site. How much you want to bet that it probably won't appear there?

Peter done gone cuckoo

Peter LaBarbera never ceases to amaze me. Check out the following from his site:

When did Chicago become a worldwide Mecca for perversion enthusiasts? Every year it hosts “International Mr. Leather” with its accompany “pig sex” parties (somebody call the Swine Defamation League). The Windy City is home to a ”museum” for sadistic sex practitioners called the “Leather Archives & Museum” – no joke; here’s the link to this tax-exempt, non-profit institution.

And now, Sodom-by-the-Lake welcomes International Mr. Rubber, an international contest for, well, rubber fetishists. Don’t ask. The picture above from their website should tell you all you need to know.

Partnering with the rubber enthusiasts was the Center on Halsted, a brand new “GLBT” community center in Chicago’s homosexual Boystown neighborhood (which is officially demarcated with rainbow kiosks). Center on Halsted’s construction was financed with the help of Illinois taxpayers through a $10 million “link deposit” by the Treasurer’s office— then run by a Republican, Judy Baar Topinka — that helped them get access to low interest-rate loans.

If you want to see pictures, check out the link I posted. What can I say about a man whose stridency makes him a mockery?

Usually nothing.

But last week, I sent Peter the galleys of my book.

I understand now that he probably didn't have enough time to read them. Probably preparing for the rubber trip.

After all, why bother to explain your lies when you can create some new ones?