Saturday, November 17, 2007

The clock ticks for thee, my friend

To the right of this blog is a new item.

I have already told you all that I emailed a copy of my book galleys to Peter LaBarbera last week. He has yet to respond to the charges that the book lodges against him and other members of the anti-gay industry.

To make matters more interesting, I have inserted a clock in this blog. Its purpose is to illustrate the fact that Peter will most likely not respond to the charges lodged in my book.

You see, Peter and other members of the anti-gay industry are liars. They exploit religious beliefs and fears in order to demonize the lgbt community. Peter especially likes to attend subcultural events such leather and bondage events and "take pictures" of what he sees there. He then uses these pictures and adds lurid details to put the lgbt community in the worse possible light.

It does not matter to him that these events are attended by both heterosexuals and gays. Nor does it matter to him that the majority of gays are not necessarily into bondage and the like.

I find it ironic that Peter does so much to demonize the lgbt community but cannot sit down and answer charges that he and others like him have consistently distorted legitimate studies and relied on junk science or outright lies to further their agenda.

He won't do it because Peter acts through hyperbole and sleaze.

My book is neither. It is a breakdown of how he and other members of the anti-gay industry (i.e. Lou Sheldon, Robert Knight, Andrea Lafferty, etc.) use tactics and deceptions that belie their claims of being pro-family.

My book deals with truth and logic, two things that Peter does not understand. And this is why he won't refute anything in it.

Meanwhile, you all watch and enjoy the ticking clock and let it be symbolic of the hypocrisy of not only Peter but the rest of the anti-gay industry.