Sunday, November 18, 2007

Don't worry, Peter. I won't print today's email . . . but I will tell everyone what you said

Apparently our friend Peter LaBarbera does not like my countdown clock. He told me so in an email today.

Now in all honesty, I should confess that I emailed Peter the blog post in which I talked about my clock. I did it because I felt he deserves some excitement that doesn't have anything to do with going to leather conventions and taking pictures.

I just never expected him to email me back.

Also, he asked that I don't publish the email, so I won't.

But I found a quibble (look it up) in his request. He asked that I don't print the email. He didn't say I couldn't tell anyone what was in the email.

To make a long email short, Peter said:

how dare I bother him since he does not consider me a "serious" writer or critic on gay issues,

(this coming from a guy who attends more leather conventions than any gay man I know)

that he has more pressing issues to worry about than my book,

(yeah like attending rubber conventions and begging for money - by the way, I noticed that Peter listed the budgets for major lgbt organizations in some sort of attempt to demonstrate how "underfunded" he is. He conveniently doesn't mention the budgets for anti-gay industry groups such as

Focus on the Family - $137,848,520 (2004 Focus on the Family revenue); $24,988,036 (2004 Focus on the Family Action revenue)

Concerned Women for America - Concerned Women for America - $8,484,108 (2004); Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee - $555,477 (2004)

or the American Family Assocation - $14,186,203 (2004)

I know - these are 2004 budgets but I doubt their donations have dropped drastically in three years. If Peter is underfunded, he shouldn't blame HRC or any other lgbt group. He should hit up James Dobson for a "fellowship" or whatever they call those things these days.)

and that he will respond to me if and when he chooses

(and I won't hold my breath, but the clock stays. By the way Peter, pick me up something nice at the next leather convention. Something that I can wear to church.)

Lastly, Peter seems to think that I have an "obsession."

(In all honesty, you all have seen Peter's page complete with those nasty pictures and such. Just who is obsessed with what?)