Thursday, November 29, 2007

The point I was trying to make yesterday was . . .

I inadvertently failed to mention yesterday that was also one of the first to spot how the American Family Association is continuing to sell the fradulent video featuring Michael Johnston.

And I agree with the person who pointed this out when he said that it was old news.

That was the point of my post. Why is it old news? AFA was caught doing this in January and now, one day before December, they are still selling the fradulent video.

While it is true that the AFA have shown themselves to be liars, I still say they are getting away with it because those in our community with the power of the media hasn't pushed the issue.

Is our community so beaten down and blase about things like this that we have numbed ourselves to exposing liars?

Look at the One News Now site. While I totally disagree with what they stand for, I have to commend those who post comments on the site for their focus on the issues they feel are important.

When my post was mentioned on Americablog last night, some comments had nothing to do with the situation at hand. It is not funny when folks you are trying to reach don't seem to care.

Meanwhile, the fradulent AFA video continues to be sold at churches and venues unaware of Michael Johnston's history and deception.

That is the real story here.