Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Huckabee shows how to manipulate the script

I dare anyone to tell me that the recent incident with presidential candidate Mike Huckabee wasn't timed.

Almost two weeks after Janet Folger's ridiculous wannabe Terminator fantasy of a future without Huckabee as president, someone "discovers" that Huckabee said some controversial things about AIDS sufferers as well as lgbts.

Leading of course to rebukes from folks on my side, but defenses by so-called "pro-family" figures.

A nasty way to shore up one's base indeed. I am expecting an article about the entire controversy (one-sided, of course) to come out soon in One News Now.

It wouldn't surprise me if the entire incident was planned. Huckabee is slowly but surely getting popular with the so-called "pro-family" groups. Therefore any rebuke he receives from the lgbt community can only make him look like a saint in their eyes.

So I would ask that while us lgbts get angry over Huckabee's comments, let's also recognize that we may be getting manipulated in order for Huckabee to get in the good graces of the anti-gay industry.

Let's recognize the game so that we are not pawns in it.