Thursday, January 03, 2008

The day after . . .

Thanks to everyone who made my new webpage a success.

But apparently not everyone is happy. Our friend Peter LaBarbera (who swore up and down that he would not read my "silly" page) is high HIGHLY upset over the comparison I included of Anti-Semitic speech and homophobic speech.

Get over it, Peter. No matter how angry you get, it still holds up.

(UPDATE - My bad! Apparently Peter is not mad at the comparison on my webpage. He is upset over what I said to him via email. You see, Peter and I had been emailing each other last night concerning my page. I wasn't about to give him the last word. He got angry about my following statement:

That truth will come out and nothing will ever change that. You made mention to Nazis in your response. When it is all said in done, in the eyes of many, people won't know the difference between you, your cohorts and them. Because really there is no difference, is there?

Well I stand by that comment. And looking at the rhetoric that Peter and his side uses, I can back it up.

And speaking of our friend Peter, apparently he is not done exploiting that 14-year-old who wrote him recently. Another pal of Peter, Laurie Higgins, wrote the child a letter.

Naturally Peter prints it on his site.

She repeats the usual nonsense about homosexuality. But there is one thing she said that I found hilarious:

Our bodies are not designed for homosexual sex. They are exquisitely designed for heterosex.

Apparently Higgins is channeling that same nonsense that is repeated constantly in anti-gay language (and I make reference to it on my other page):

That anal sex is "homosexual behavior." That train of thought is a serious lie.

All gay men do not have anal sex. But some heterosexuals do.

Does that make those heterosexuals gay?

And Higgins claims that she cares that others are teaching children lies.

Apparently she is not above telling a few herself.