Monday, January 07, 2008

That "sweet" smell of politics in the air

Even Robet Duvall would probably gag if he ever took a whiff of the air when an election season rolls around.

Even though it's only the primaries, the 2008 election promises to be very interesting.

I am taking a sort of Machiavellian outlook on the entire process. I won't say who I am supporting.

But if you think I am support anyone Republican, you are insane.

After eight years of Super Shrub, I echo the tone of the Obama campaign (which when you really think about it, is rather smart) - change.

I will, however, admit that it is fun to watch the Republican candidates cannibalize each other. Teflon Rom and Bibleman Huckabee seems to be an excellent match.

But seriously, unless something serious happens, I am going to post as I always do on this site, but the majority of my energy will be devoted to updating my other webpage.

I will be updating that page at least once a week. And news of updates will on this blog as well as on the other page.

Look for a big update to come this weekend.

I tend to think that the Republican candidates are too busy attacking each other to focus on any interesting attacks on us.

By the time they put it in their heads to amass their base by telling lies on lgbts, I should have a good time line ready to throw truth on their claims.