Wednesday, January 23, 2008

When so-called good people create media events

I won't post a big entry today because I am resting. Mother goes in for surgery EARLY tomorrow morning and I have to make sure I can get her up when the morning comes.

But I do want point out something courtesy of Equality Loudon. It seems that the anti-gay industry group there is getting so desperate for folks to sign their petition that they are creating media events:

Well, it seems that the story of “the man wearing a blue ruffled skirt” in the ladies’ locker room has badly unraveled. That didn’t take long.

According to two reports on the Teach the Facts blog, here is what folks have discovered:

It turns out that a woman named Theresa Rickman, spokesperson for the group “Citizens for a Responsible Government” (which has previously gone by at least two other names as the group adjusted its mission, so they are now known as CRWhatever) was actually in the lobby of the health club when the stunt happened. One of the many suspicious things about this incident from the beginning was that CRW had apparently called Channel 7, and was being interviewed within an hour of the initial complaint. A manager at the health club confirmed the presence of “an activist” who she assumed to be associated with a group that sure sounds like CRW (”the people at the grocery store with petitions”). It’s not stated why the manager recognized her as such - has she encountered Rickman at the grocery store? Was Rickman distributing propaganda in the lobby? - but she did.