Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The day after Super Tuesday

I apologize for the short post today. Leona, (I mean mother) wants me to cook tonight.

She is doing well and her ankle is healing nicely. I hope it heals very soon.

Anyway, today I got stopped on the street by a co-worker. This child has been pumped up about the 2008 election. Every time she sees me on the streets, she goes into an Obama chant.

I really don't mind. As corny as it seems, I would like to see more African-Americans pumped up about voting.

I'm really hoping that McCain gets the Republican nomination. I want to see Ann Coulter actually campaign for Hilary Clinton, or whoever gets the Democratic nomination.

Anyway, I will post tomorrow. I am working on a huge Black History Month column that I hope to finish by then.

One more thing:

Our worst nightmare: Hucka-VP

Oh God, no.